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Vol 39  No 17
July 19, 2007



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Dr. Christopher Kovacs, Endocrinology, gave the State of the Art Lecture entitled Brain, breast and bone circuitry: Interactions of prolactin, PTHrP and calcitonin during lactation on June 23 at the fourth International Conference on Children’s Bone Health, held in Montreal. On June 24, at the workshop on Comparative Endocrinology of Calcium Regulation held in conjunction with the International Bone and Mineral Society Conference, he gave a lecture entitled Regulation of mammalian calcium and bone metabolism during pregnancy and lactation. On July 10th at the 10th International Conference on PTH and PTHrP in Pittsburgh he gave an invited lecture entitled The puzzling role of parathyroid hormone in fetal calcium metabolism.

Dr. Penny Moody-Corbett, associate dean of research and graduate studies (medicine), has been appointed chair of the ethics committee of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS). The committee was established in 2001 to critically review and interpret existing ethical guidelines, particularly those prepared by the Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences in view of their implementation in specific areas of physiological research. The ethics committee also serves as a body of reference and reflection to advise the council on the positions IUPS should take in these matters. IUPS meets every four years, and Dr. Moody-Corbett is preparing a symposium on ethics for the 2009 symposium, to be held in Kyoto, Japan. The symposium is titled Practices in Physiological Research: Ethics and Integrity and will discuss animals in medical research and integrity and misconduct in physiological research. Among the keynote speakers will be Colin Blakemore, CEO for the Medical Research Council, a British neurobiologist and outspoken advocate of animal tests; as well as Margaret Reich, executive editor of the American Physiological Society.


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