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Vol 39  No 17
July 19, 2007



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Dr. Stephanie Young

School of Pharmacy

Dr. Stephanie Young earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Memorial’s School of Pharmacy in 1990 and completed a one-year hospital pharmacy residency in Halifax at the Camp Hill Medical Centre. In 2003, she completed a doctor of pharmacy degree from Idaho State University. She is currently enrolled (part-time) in the master’s program in community health at Memorial.

Dr. Young is a clinical assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy, teaching primarily in therapeutics and the final year structured practical experience, with additional lectures in pharmaceutics, toxicology and communications.

Dr. Young previously worked as a clinical pharmacist in areas such as cardiology, drug utilization evaluation, general medicine, palliative care and critical care. Her current clinical practice is as the primary health care pharmacist through the School of Pharmacy, working with a family medicine clinic in the St. John’s area.

Her current research interests include the role of the pharmacist in primary health care, with an emphasis on diabetes and evaluation of work location of MUN pharmacy graduates.


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