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Vol 39  No 17
July 19, 2007



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Dr. Tim Jones

Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Jones has been on campus since last fall, but January marked his first foray into teaching at Memorial. He is teaching courses in consumer behaviour, marketing management and applied marketing.

Dr. Jones has a PhD in marketing from Queen’s University as well as an MBA from the University of Ottawa.

“I came to Memorial because I am impressed with the emerging research culture here at the Faculty of Business Administration. There is ample opportunity for collaboration and there are resources here that will help me with my research.”

Dr. Jones’ research focuses on the areas of customer commitment, violence in advertising, and service provider – consumer relationships.

“I’m interested in studying situations where customers and service providers have a friendship outside of the service relationship for two reasons. One, I wonder if the relationship drives loyalty to the firm, and two, I’m curious about what happens to this brand loyalty when the friendship breaks up. I am also interested in violence in advertising and what it does to the consumer who has to view it and the impact it has on the brand.”

In 2006, Dr. Jones was awarded 4A status for a SSHRC Faculty Research Grant for Violent Advertising. His wife, Dr. Dianne Ford, is another new member of the Faculty of Business Administration.


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