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Vol 39  No 16
June 28, 2007




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New communications personnel

The Marine Institute has added Stephanie Barrett to its communications staff, while the Killick Project in the Department of Education has hired Heidi Wicks as a public relations officer.

Stephanie Barrett

Ms. Barrett joined the Marine Institute as the public relations and communications co-ordinator, a new position to MI. Ms. Barrett’s responsibilities will include researching, writing and editing a wide range of publicity and news materials for print, media relations, and internal and external communications.

A native of Bay de Verde, NL, Ms. Barrett graduated from Memorial with a bachelor of business administration degree. She has worked with Aliant as a marketing associate and in 2001 she joined the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) as marketing co-ordinator. In this position, she was responsible for all public relations and external communications for the association and its 15 member corporations.

Ms. Barrett can be reached at 778-0677 or

Ms. Wicks joined the Faculty of Education’s Killick Project for E-Learning Research on a one-year contract as public relations officer. The Killick Project is a SSHRC/CURA-funded research initiative led by Dr. Jean Brown that fosters innovative research, training, and generation of new knowledge, particularly in rural, isolated areas.

Heidi Wicks

Although the Killick Project will be Ms. Wicks’ main focus, she will also be assisting the Faculty of Education in a public relations capacity. Writing for a variety of media outlets, developing promotional materials, strengthening internal and external communications, and increasing promotion of the Faculty of Education’s Killick Project as a pioneering institution for e-learning growth and advancement are a few of the projects she’ll wrestle in the upcoming year.

Ms. Wicks has a background in research and writing. She has been published in The Independent, The Telegram, Newfoundland Quarterly, and has been heard on CBC Radio’s Weekend Arts Magazine. Ms. Wicks can be reached at 737-8360 or


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