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Vol 39  No 16
June 28, 2007




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Memorial recognized for excellence in education media
by Kristine Hamlyn and Jeffrey deViller

Memorial University scored a hat trick at the 2007 CADE/AMTEC Conference held in Winnipeg, Man., May 15.

Dr. Brent Snook, assistant professor, Psychology, and Albert Johnson, instructional designer, Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT), were recognized with the award for Excellence and Innovation in Instructional Design for Psychology 2150: Introduction to Forensic Psychology, awarded as part of the Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE) annual Awards of Excellence. The unique course incorporates an incredible 25 video clips, produced by DELT’s Brian Cahill, that simulate various roles within the criminal justice system, allowing students to place themselves within context and gain valuable experience.

Mr. Johnson said the course is a good example of the work from DELT, adding “the enthusiasm for this project was contagious.”

DELT was also recognized by the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC) for the documentary Building Community Capacity for the Health and Well-Being of Children: A Framework for Action, submitted by producer Debbie McGee.

The video described Memorial Social Work Professor Ken Barter’s three-year Community Capacity Building research project in Chalker Place, a low-income neighbourhood of St. John’s, NL.

“It was about making a safer community for children by supporting parents and putting long-term community programs in place,” Ms. McGee explained.

“Because of the help I received from Karen Gray, the community facilitator, the video does an excellent job of showcasing the accomplishments of the project, and captures a real sense of optimism about where the community will go from here.”

Dr. Kay Matthews of Memorial’s School of Nursing and Dr. Junaiti Sahar of the University of Indonesia were also recognized as part of the AMTEC Media Festival Awards for Reaching Out, produced by independent filmmaker John Doyle.

The video documented a new model of community health nursing to improve the health of women and children in rural Indonesia.

“It was absolutely inspirational to see these professionals at work in the field – dedicated, confident and caring,” Mr. Doyle recalled about filming the research team in action in Indonesia.

“It’s great to see all of the effort put into instructional design and the development of quality educational media at Memorial recognized in this way,” said Ann Marie Vaughan, director, DELT. “It is this dedication to developing and delivering a quality end result that makes education all that more engaging for our learners.”


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