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Vol 39  No 14
May 17, 2007



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Outstanding students recognized with leadership awards

Community commitment
by Jeff Green

Before crossing the stage at spring convocation and proudly clutching their degrees for photos, two outstanding student leaders will be honoured by Memorial with a pair of brand new awards.

The Chancellor’s Graduate and Undergraduate Awards will be handed out during a special breakfast hosted by President Axel Meisen on Wednesday, May 23, the first day of convocation ceremonies on the St. John’s campus. Each of this year’s 13 nominees – three graduate and 10 undergraduate – has been invited to attend the breakfast.

The medals recognize graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated the greatest leadership to their respective classes and to other areas of the community during their university years. They’re awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards based on a recommendation from the president in consultation with the Dean of Student Affairs and Services and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

“These awards really came about as a result of a former similar award being cancelled recently,” said Judy Casey, manager of Memorial’s Scholarships Office. “Because of the type of student this former award recognized – the overall student leader from the graduating class – it was decided that we should have a replacement award.”

That former award was the Birks Medal, which was provided by Henry Birks and Sons (Maritime) Limited. It was awarded to the student of the graduating class who had shown most leadership in student affairs during his or her university career. When Birks decided to no longer provide these leadership awards, the university decided to create the Chancellor’s Awards in their place.

Collecting the university’s most prestigious student award won’t be the only thing the two graduates will garner this spring.

The outstanding students chosen for the Chancellor’s Awards will also receive the Fry Family Foundation Graduate and Undergraduate Awards. The graduate award is valued at $5,000, while the undergraduate prize is valued at $2,500. Both awards go to students who have been selected as Memorial’s exceptional student leaders.

Ms. Casey said both the Chancellor’s and Fry awards highlight Memorial’s talented pool of student leaders who give back to the university and community – one of the pillars of the university. In addition to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, part of Memorial’s mission is a commitment to community service.

“These awards recognize graduating students who have been outstanding student leaders at Memorial,” added Dr. Lilly Walker, dean of Student Affairs and Services. “Memorial offers unique opportunities for emerging leaders to hone their leadership capabilities.

These awards celebrate their contributions and their development as leaders as they inspire others to become involved in making a difference in their community.”


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