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Vol 39  No 14
May 17, 2007



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Rant Like Rick contest winners announced

One of the top three winners of the Rant Like Rick contest was Brandon Copeland from Wolfville, N.S. Brandon’s family traveled to St. John’s to attend the special awards ceremony held on Monday, May 7. From left, Jim Copeland, Louise Copeland, Brandon Copeland, Kaitlen Broome and Brittany Copeland. (Photo by Chris Hammond)

Three winners were announced at a special awards ceremony May 7 for the Rant Like Rick contest.

Melissa Hoskins from St. John’s, Brandon Copeland from Wolfville, N.S., and Stefanie Peters from Sydney, N.S., were recognized for having the best rants.

“We are thrilled with the results of the contest,” said Sheila Devine, director of Student Recruitment. “An initiative like this really gives prospective students an opportunity to interact and connect with Memorial. The creativity and talent that were displayed in the entries was truly remarkable. We are very glad that these students made Memorial University their university of choice.”

Contestants were asked to send in their rant about a relevant topic with a chance to win free tuition. The three winners will receive a tuition voucher for two semesters, currently valued at $2,550.

Ms. Hoskins put her passion of global warming to film. She is actively trying to persuade her peers and members of her community to give up drinking bottled water in favor of the cost and emission-free tap variety. Ms. Hoskins said that the Rant Like Rick contest gave her an opportunity to showcase her journalism and public speaking skills while seeking new ways to pay for her university education.

Mr. Copeland had so many factors to consider when choosing his post-secondary education options. This was the focus of his rant, and he says that this was his attempt at helping out with the costs of education.

Ms. Peters said she “created a rant in an effort to provide an excellent way to approach paying for university.” She chose to rant about the media playing such a large role in moulding the development of today’s youth.

There were 28 entries received in total. Six entries were from a Grade 10 class at Merivale High School in Ottawa, Ont. Although these entries did not meet the eligibility requirements, the students were very enthused to take part in the initiative.

The Rant Like Rick campaign was aimed at a much wider audience than just prospective university students with a beef and a passion for cinematography. The campaign was designed to show Memorial in a different light to many groups – as a university that embraces creativity and self-expression.

“The campaign has been like nothing else we have ever worked on here at Memorial,” said Michael Pickard, Memorial’s associate director of marketing. “People seemed to understand that to project the essence of this place, we don’t always need to show smiling faces and classrooms. The response, inside and outside of the province, has been overwhelming. We’ve stayed true to our modern approach – from posting the ads on YouTube to sending invitations to our event on Facebook.”

The campaign Rant Like Rick is based on the concept of Rick Mercer’s rant component of his show The Rick Mercer Report. Two ads, one featuring a male and one a female, are both “ranting” about factors that prospective students need to consider when choosing a university.

The winning rants are available on the web at


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