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Vol 39  No 14
May 17, 2007



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In Brief

Quirks and Quarks coming

CBC Radio One’s Quirks and Quarks is taking to the road and bringing its ever-popular spring question show to St. John’s. And, the program needs your help – and your questions. If you’ve got a question about any aspect of science, from the extreme to the every day, then send it in. If host Bob McDonald and the Quirks and Quarks team can find an expert to answer it, the show will invite you and the scientist to our live taping, where all hands will share the answer.

The taping will be in early June, on the St. John’s campus: exact date and location are still to be determined.

You can send your questions via e-mail at or through regular mail to: Quirks and Quarks, Box 500, Station A, Toronto, M5W 1E6.

President one of region’s top leaders

For the third consecutive year, Atlantic Business magazine has recognized the leadership skills of Dr. Axel Meisen, naming him one of the top 50 chief executive officers in Atlantic Canada.

The award was presented to Memorial’s president, here with publisher Hubert Hutton, during the magazine’s ninth annual Top 50 CEO Award ceremonies earlier this month in Halifax. Winners were selected by an elite panel of judges from hundreds of nominations for 134 individual nominees.

Top 50 CEOs must be the CEO (or hold equivalent title) of a company or organization whose head office is in Atlantic Canada, or who is in charge of a provincial/regional head office that has significant decision-making and organizational autonomy. Nominees are judged on their proven managerial ability, reaction to challenging situations, leadership philosophies, corporate/organizational growth over a three-year period, and commitment to industry and community development.

Climate scientists converge on capital

This year is an exciting time for climate sciences. In St. John’s from May 28 to June 1 2007, a special congress will take place that will bring together the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the Canadian Geophysical Union, components of the American Meteorological Society, and the Eastern Snow Conference. The congress theme is Air, Ocean, Ice and Earth on the Rock and coincides with the start of the international polar year.

About 1,100 scientists – many from Memorial University – are expected to attend, including oceanographers, meteorologists, geophysicists and climate change experts. Eight plenary talks will be given by internationally renowned scientists, and over 800 scientific papers will be presented. In addition, the congress will host two public lectures on the evening of May 30, and a Teachers’ Day during which teachers from throughout the province will learn about the latest concepts and ideas in oceanography, meteorology, and Earth science.

“The scientific program reflects the congress’ goal to explore, link, bridge and integrate the scientific interests of CMOS, CGU, AMS and ESC,” said Dr. Colin Farquharson, adjunct professor, Earth Sciences, and research associate with the Inco Innovation Centre. “Topics covered will include the impact of climate change; advances in forecasting severe weather, iceberg drift, and pack ice movements; observations of the Earth’s weather and ocean systems from space; and insights into the Earth’s internal structure and dynamics.”

“With a thought-provoking and stimulating agenda, a well organized exhibit program, good participation in the post-secondary student competition, a well rounded Teacher’s Day, and an exciting guest program, we hope the congress will be an important milestone for the four participating scientific organizations, and a fruitful and enjoyable experience for all those who attend,” said Dr. Farquharson. Further information about all aspects of the congress, including the public lectures, can be found at


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