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Vol 39  No 11
Mar. 15, 2007



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Memorial podcasts deliver the week in audio
by Kristine Hamlyn

Jeff Green, left, and Meaghan Whelan are the voices of Memorial’s weekly podcast,
Studio 1024. (Photo byDavid Sorensen)

In an attempt to appeal to a growing technologically-savvy university community, Memorial has taken a fresh, new approach to delivering its news. The Division of Marketing and Communications recently launched a new radio news program accessible to anyone around the world at anytime during the week.

Studio 1024 is weekly round up of events and news from the university’s campuses. The show is actually a podcast which is an audio file that’s loaded to the Internet and can be played back on portable media players or personal computers.

With 19 podcasts already posted to Memorial’s news site,, the crew in Marketing and Communications is excited about how new and innovative technologies are serving to increase the ways in which the university’s various audiences can choose to receive their news.

“We’re always trying to stay on the edge of technology by incorporating new methods into the delivery of Memorial’s news,” said Ivan Muzychka, manager of Memorial’s News Service and executive producer of Studio 1024. “Over the years we have increasingly incorporated the web and audio and video elements into our communications.”

Podcasts have become more popular as a news vehicle among both large and small news distributors. Now Memorial University is taking advantage of what the technology has to offer.

“Essentially, the podcast is an audio round up of all the things we put on the website and publish in the Gazette - a way of further expanding our news distribution,” said Jeff Green, communications co-ordinator, Marketing and Communications and one of the hosts of Studio 1024. “But because it is purely audio it is delivered in a different style, with snappier sentences and short, to-the-point audio clips. This has expanded our reach to a younger audience.

“People have told me they listen to it at their work stations. One student said he plays it over the web while doing research. And a staff member told me she often downloads it to listen to it while working out.”

“We’re very excited about the possibilities podcast technology allows,” added Mr. Muzychka. “Some stories really lend themselves to this medium. The emotion you pick up when you listen to people telling their story or voicing their opinions first-hand is something you don’t capture in print or on the web. I really think people are looking for that variety in the type of news they get.”

The podcast is Memorial’s first real foray into an additional medium on the web. Mr. Muzychka predicts further expansion into video in the near future.

Studio 1024 is available for the listening pleasure of Memorial audiences everywhere because of several talented individuals both in front of and behind the microphone: co-host Meaghan Whelan, communications co-ordinator, Faculty of Business Administration, joins Mr. Green each Thursday afternoon in the CHMR studio to record Memorial’s weekly round up of news. And David Sorensen, editor of Memorial’s Gazette, wears a producer hat alongside the executive producer, Mr. Muzychka.

For those who’d like to check out Studio1024, simply visit Memorial University’s main webpage every Friday morning for the latest broadcast or catch it on CHMR throughout the week. You can also choose to subscribe for free and get the most recent episode — and all future episodes — automatically delivered to your inbox. To provide feedback or suggest content for future podcasts contact Mr. Green at


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