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Vol 39  No 1
Aug. 10, 2006



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Leaders gather at Grenfell

By Pamela Gill

Salt fish anyone? The rug hooking of salt fish drying on a flake was created by Janet Davis of Wesleyville and was one of more than 30 works viewed by Premier Danny Williams last month. Along with Grenfell Principal Dr. John Ashton, the premier toured the art gallery prior to the meeting of first ministers and aboriginal leaders. (Photo by Pamela Gill)

The nation’s aboriginal leaders met with Canada’s 13 premiers at Grenfell College July 25. A two-hour meeting focusing on issues such as health, education, housing and economic opportunities took place in the college’s Fine Arts Building.

“It’s a good setting because it’s informal and it’s a good opportunity to see what their concerns are and support them and advocate for them with the federal government,” said Premier Danny Williams in the Western Star. “It’s a great chance for them to see the West Ccoast. As everybody knows the topography, geography and the weather is much different from the east coast of the province.

“With the national media there, it’s a great opportunity for them to see what Newfoundland and Labrador is all about.”

That Grenfell College was chosen as the venue for this prestigious event is a significant development in the eyes of Dr. John Ashton, principal of the college.

“We expect that the aboriginal leaders, first ministers and national media will find out what we’ve known for a very long time ­ that Grenfell College is a vibrant, creative and growing institution of post-secondary education and therefore an incredible resource for the province and the nation,” said Dr. Ashton. “We are thrilled to welcome them to the campus.”

Meanwhile, post-secondary education was also a major topic of discussion when Canada’s top provincial politicians met in St. John’s for the Council of the Federation annual summer meeting.

During sessions on July 28, premiers explored ways to advance key priorities such as post-secondary education, as well as things such as skills training and transportation infrastructure. They also released their strategy on post-secondary education and skills training titled Competing for Tomorrow, which can be found online at


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