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Vol 39  No 1
Aug. 10, 2006



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Letter to the Editor

MI represented at previous Regattas

Dear Editor,

I just received the latest edition of the Gazette and was caught by the article titled ďMemorial heads up the pondĒ (July 20, 2006). It is fantastic that MUN now has a team involved in the Regatta. It is such a historic event in St. Johnís.

In the article, however, it states that this year is the first year that Marine Institute has had a team in the Regatta. The Department of National Defence has had teams in the past two Regattas, in which the team members were students attending MI. Last yearís team actually did extremely well. Most of the rowers had never rowed before yet they rowed two or three times a day all spring and summer in training. This paid off as they took first place in their division at the Regatta. They also placed in both the Harbour Grace and Placentia regattas. Rogers Television actually interviewed them after last yearís race, since everyone was amazed that such a young and new team could do so well.

Thank you for putting an article like this in the Gazette. It is nice to see such a positive event being participated in by MUN. I really did enjoy the article, I just thought you might like to know about the previous teams.

Natalie Hiscock


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