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Vol 38  No 9
February 2, 2006



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Consultants begin Grenfell governance review

Dr. John Kelly, left, and Dr. John Davies, at the front of the library lecture theatre, listen to Dr. Martin Ware, faculty member, Grenfell College, as he discusses issues pertaining to the review of the various degrees of autonomy possible for Grenfell College.

Professors John Davies and John Kelly visited the St. Johnís and Corner Brook campuses last week as part of their review of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, which was commissioned by the provincial government. According to the terms of reference of the review, the commissioners will investigate the various degrees of autonomy for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, up to and including full university status.

The two consultants have been tasked with reviewing various options for Grenfell College so that the campus might continue to flourish and serve its students and the west coast of the island to the best of its ability. In addition to meeting with President Axel Meisen and Principal John Ashton, the commissioners met with various departments and held an open meeting for all faculty and staff at Grenfell College last week. Professors Davies and Kelly explained to the group of roughly 60 people that they were on campus to listen to any and all concerns the employees might have.

A wide range of views was expressed and the commissioners received numerous suggestions as to the options that might be recommended with respect to the budgeting process, line reporting within the university structure and the Grenfellís relationship with the current University Senate and Board of Regents. The commissioners indicated that all of these recommendations would receive careful consideration.

The commissioners will visit the Grenfell campus St. Johnís and Corner Brook again before concluding their report in March or April. Faculty and staff at Memorial University may send written submissions to Professor Kelly at

Professor John Kelly is professor emeritus and former registrar, University College Dublin, and currently executive director of the Ireland Canada University Foundation. Professor John L. Davies is dean of the Graduate School at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK (formerly called Anglia Polytechnic University).


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