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Vol 38  No 8
January 12, 2006




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Leaders respond to AUCC survey

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada recently released the results of its higher education questionnaire to the four main political parties and invited voters to examine each platform carefully before casting their ballots Jan. 23.

In putting the questions to the leaders, AUCC urged them to engage Canadians in a serious dialogue on higher education and university research and to make universities a priority for the future. All four parties were quick to respond to the AUCC request, although their strategies to support higher education and research differ.

“There is no doubt that the future prosperity and quality of life of Canadians depends on continued investments in higher education,” said AUCC president Claire Morris.

AUCC was encouraged to see that all the parties’ responses acknowledged the value of higher education and research and recognized the strategic importance of investments in universities.

The association, which represents 90 Canadian universities and university colleges, sent an open letter and an eight-question survey to the four main leaders in December.

The survey asked all leaders to outline their plans in the four critical areas: investing in university capacity and quality; affordability, outreach and support for students; international education; and graduate studies and research.

The responses from all four main party leaders may be found on AUCC’s Web site at


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