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Vol 38  No 8
January 12, 2006




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Communications in Arts

Leslie Vryenhoek

Leslie Vryenhoek has joined the Marketing and Communications team as the communications co-ordinator for the Faculty of Arts during Tracey Mills’ maternity leave. She will provide communications and public relations support to promote the faculty’s diverse accomplishments.

Ms. Vryenhoek, who recently moved to St. John’s from Winnipeg, holds a BA in English from the University of Manitoba. For the past seven years, she has been a public affairs officer with the Canadian Red Cross, where she played a lead role during disaster responses as well as serving as the national communications and marketing co-ordinator for abuse and violence prevention programs. Prior to that, Ms. Vryenhoek worked in publications and promotions at the University of Winnipeg.

Ms. Vryenhoek’s writing has appeared in publications across the country, including The Antigonish Review, Room of One’s Own, the Toronto Star and the Telegram.

If you would like to find out what’s happening in the Faculty of Arts, or if you have a lead on interesting stories, exciting successes, intriguing people or events in the Faculty of Arts, please call Ms. Vryenhoek at 737-8292 or e-mail


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