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Vol 38  No 8
January 12, 2006




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Flashback Remembrances of Memorial Past...

35 years ago
Third electron microscope for Memorial
January 1971 —
Considering the size of Memorial University, it is probably now one of the best equipped campuses in Canada. The university recently received its third electron microscope, bought with funds provided by the Medical Research Council of Canada to the Faculty of Medicine. What makes Memorial special is that each electron microscope is a different variety.

30 years ago
Preparing for satellite use
January 1976 —
In preparation for the use of the Communications Technology Satellite being launched by Canada this month, tests are now being done to evaluate and test equipment and methods of communication for Memorial’s proposed experiments in telemedicine. One part of those experiments will try to determine if medical specialists in larger centres can provide a consultation service to outlying areas using interactive television.

25 years ago
Fifty years of engineering at Memorial
January 1981 —
For half a century now Memorial has been offering students the opportunity to study engineering. Engineering studies at Memorial were first introduced in 1930 as a three-year diploma program in affiliation with Nova Scotia Technical College. In 1967, the engineering degree program began at Memorial, and the first year of the co-operative program leading to the bachelor of engineering degree was offered in 1969-70.

20 years ago
Telemedicine Centre makes historic link
January 1986 —
Memorial’s Telemedicine Centre is again in the forefront in international telecommunications networking. This month, a teleconference link was officially established between the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. This event marked a first in Canada’s telecommunications history in that there has not been an ongoing teleconference link between Canada and a Third World country for the purpose of health education and patient care. The Kenya/Canada teleconference link was initiated at Memorial by Dr. Max House, director of the Telemedicine Centre.

15 years ago
Special convocation planned
January 1991 —
A special convocation will be held early next month to install Dr. Arthur May as the university’s sixth president and vice-chancellor. The convocation will also see university vice-president (academic) Dr. Albert R. Cox installed as pro vice-chancellor.

10 years ago
Business students triumph again
January 1996 —
Students from Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration, who are internationally recognized for their record of success at business case competitions, return home again this month with prizes. The MBA students captured first place at the Concordia International Case Competition, while undergraduate teams placed second overall at Queen’s University Intercollegiate Business Competition.

Five years ago
Scientist weathers media storm
January 2001 -
Pat Horan, a project geochemist at Memorial, has been at the centre of a media storm over controversial findings that show “substantial” amounts of depleted uranium in urine samples of Gulf War veterans. Ms. Horan says she wasn’t prepared for all the media attention that her research has been generating. The legitimacy of the Memorial findings has been challenged by some military personnel and they say DU poses no health risk. Ms. Horan is careful to point out that she and her colleagues are not medical doctors and therefore cannot comment on the effects of DU. Dr. Jim Wright, head of the Earth Sciences Department, stands firmly behind their results.


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