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Vol 38  No 7
December 15, 2005




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Faculty of Engineering partners with Junior Achievement

Clock company gets a head start

By Michelle Osmond

Engineering is lending a helping hand to high school students creating their own company. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is partnering with Junior Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador (JANL) and the Genesis Centre to sponsor some young entrepreneurs in the after school Company Program. The faculty and the Genesis Centre are each contributing $1,250 towards the Company Program, allowing 20-25 high school students the benefit of designing and running their own business in a safe, risk-free environment.

The newly formed company, Good Times Unlimited!, is producing and selling CD clocks. Scott McIsaac is the company’s president. “The faculty provides us with a meeting place, state of the art equipment, and an engineer as an adviser to help with any challenges we face,” said Mr. McIsaac, who hopes to get valuable business experience from the Company Program. “Our business must do everything a real business would do, including apply for incorporation, sell shares, elect an executive, set up a bank account, keep company records, liquidate the companies assets and close the business. New challenges come up every week.”

Pamela Walsh, program manager with JANL, says without community sponsorships, the Company Program would not be able to operate. “Students gain invaluable hands-on entrepreneurial and leadership skills,” she said. “They take concepts and lessons learned and apply them in an actual business setting. This experience is unique in that students learn about ‘real’ business by operating a real business of their own.”

In addition to the faculty’s financial support, engineering professor Dr. Andy Fisher is volunteering his time as a mentor for the students, giving the students connections within the business world and sharing knowledge students would not get in a classroom. The P. J. Gardiner Institute at Memorial is also sponsoring a company.

JANL is a not-for-profit, charitable organization providing business and leadership education to elementary, junior high and high school students. There are currently about 400 students involved in the Company Program across the province. The 2004-2005 year saw more than 6,000 students benefit from their programs. For more information about Junior Achievement, visit


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