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Vol 38  No 6
November 24, 2005




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Alumni Affairs faculty and staff campaign underway

Aiming for a record for giving

Donations from university faculty and staff could grow to as much as $500,000 a year in the near future if a new faculty staff campaign is successful. Alumni Affairs and Development (AAD) launched the campaign this month.

Dr. Clar Doyle, a professor with Education, gives regularly to the university through payroll deductions.

“No gift has more meaning than one from someone who works within these walls,” said Dr. Doyle. “When we as faculty or staff give to the university, we’re proving that Memorial is a worthwhile investment. Whether you give to support students through scholarships or to fund particular programs, faculties or research, you are providing a powerful reason for others outside the university to give.”

Robert Kelly is the annual fund development officer with AAD. He says that people working in Memorial understand that donations from individuals, corporations and foundations are vital to the university’s continued success in education and research. Donations from those within the university community are equally important.

“If every employee gives just $5 each payroll period, our total annual gift to Memorial will be $500,000” said Mr. Kelly. The first step towards that goal is to have at least one out of every four members of the Memorial community donating through payroll deductions.

As part of the campaign most staff and faculty have received a letter and pledge form. Dr. Doyle suggests that, if people have not done so yet, they take a moment to complete the form and return it to AAD. The donor form can also be downloaded directly from

“This year we hope that 25 per cent of faculty and staff will support Memorial through payroll deduction,” says Mr. Kelly. He believes that within a few years the Memorial community can surpass the successes of other universities that have achieved 40 per cent participation through payroll deductions. “We have work to do, but we can do it.”

Top ten reasons to give to the faculty/staff campaign

Out of the many reasons for you to make a gift to Memorial, Alumni Affairs and Development like to highlight the following top 10 list:

10. Some of us may be alumni of other universities, colleges and schools, but Memorial is our community.

9. A quality, accessible education has a positive impact on the life of a student.

8. Many of these students are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of the members of our community.

7. As members of the university community, we’ve seen first-hand how important research can be.

6. If every employee gives just $5 each payroll period, our total annual gift to Memorial will be $500,000.

5. That total gift would represent a 25 per cent increase in the amount of money now available to help students through scholarships.

4. There are more than 17,000 students counting on your support.

3. The average Memorial student graduates from university with over $20,000 in debt.

2. We are the most progressive university in Atlantic Canada and we want to keep it that way.

1. We are worth it!


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