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Vol 38  No 6
November 24, 2005




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Strategic planning process moving ahead

Memorial’s strategic planning process continued with a Key Issue Forum Nov. 4.

Almost 300 people from across the university participated in the sessions including about 100 faculty members and a number of students. About two dozen people from Grenfell College also attended the sessions.

Each of the 18 Key Strategic Issue (KSI) papers was presented four times during the day. Participants were encouraged to highlight any issues or concerns and suggest strategic alternatives not addressed in the draft KSI papers. The papers cover the following areas: undergraduate enrolment; student success and student services; recruitment strategy; distance education; experiential learning and co-operative education; graduate studies; teaching and learning; lifelong learning; research; program development; health, safety and the environment; funding; relationships/reputation/recognition/marketing; administration; library; people; internationalization; and the needs of the province.

Paul Chancey, director of the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP), which organized the sessions, said they were an important step in the process.

“The goal was to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to attend sessions of interest,” said Mr. Chancey. “It also ensured that the size of any given group was reasonable, which gave everyone an opportunity to express their views.”

He said reports from the sessions indicate a good deal of discussion and debate. There was also some suggestion that it might be a good idea to hold forums like this on an annual basis.

The KSI groups are now reviewing and revising their papers to incorporate comments received during the forum. The revised papers will then be made available on the Web.

The working group and steering committee for the strategic planning process will review the material generated through the KSI process, along with the submissions prepared by the academic units through a parallel process, and prepare a draft strategic plan. As well, an external consultation process is being developed to seek input from individuals and groups who would like comment on Memorial’s future directions.

Once the draft strategic plan is prepared it will be presented to the university community through a series of assemblies. Input on the draft will also be sought from the broader community as well. The report will then be finalized and sent to the Senate and Board of Regents for approval.

Memorial President Dr. Axel Meisen said the feedback from the sessions was a great help in moving along the strategic planning process and he invited all members of the university community to participate in the process.

“You are invited to comment on the reports and make any other suggestions regarding the future of our university. This information, together with the views of members from outside the university, will be considered in future university assemblies before developing the final strategic plans.”


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