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Vol 38  No 6
November 24, 2005




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December 15, 2005

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Latest issue of Postscript released

Freedom’s just another word

By Tracey Mills

Postscript editors Adam Lawrence, Helena Staveley and Adam Beardsworth.


Freedom and rock ‘n’ roll is the focus of the latest issue of Postscript: a journal of graduate criticism and theory put out by graduate students in the Department of English. The latest issue has been a two-year labour of love for editors Adam Beardsworth, Adam Lawrence and Helena Staveley.

Postscript was started in the early ’90s by then graduate students Danine Farquharson and Susan Drodge.

“We wanted to create a space for graduate students to publish graduate students,” said Dr. Farquharson, now an assistant professor in the Department of English. “We wanted to work on the insides of academic publishing as much as we wanted to publish ourselves. The new editors are doing an amazing job, and I’m thrilled the journal is still active.”

The idea to create a special issue devoted to the relationship between freedom and rock ‘n’ roll arose out of a desire to focus on something that was interesting and would have a wide appeal across many disciplines.

“Interdisciplinary study is a guiding principal of the journal,” said Mr. Lawrence. “We often receive submissions from graduate scholars in history, music, cultural studies, philosophy and media studies.”

The call for papers goes out on listservs. And then the submissions start pouring in from all across North America and sometimes from overseas.

“It is a peer review process,” said Ms. Staveley. “(Graduate students) grade and assess looking at content and providing constructive criticism. It turns out to be a good experience for them, as well.”

Working on the journal is something that these graduate students really seem to enjoy. Even though they put in a lot of hours voluntarily, the end result always makes the effort worthwhile.

“When you get to this level of an academic career, it’s important to be well rounded academics and scholars,” said Ms. Staveley. “Showing a commitment to the work of our peers is important.”

This newest issue is an assembly of articles from graduate scholars throughout North America covering a range of topics including: Bob Dylan and Victoria’s Secret lingerie ads, independent record stores versus big chains, representations of capitalist culture in hip hop music, the prevalence of Shakespearean content in the lyrics of heavy metal bands, and Newfoundland’s identity in the musical iconography of St. John’s.

“It’s all focused on the increasingly complex relationship between freedom and rock ‘n’ roll, art and industry, creativity and capital,” added Mr. Beardsworth.

The issue also features numerous book reviews, including Gerri Hershey’s We Gotta Get Out of this Place: The True Tough Story of Women in Rock; Stephen Scobie’s Alias Bob Dylan: Revisited; Richard Stevenson’s Live Evil: A Homage to Miles Davis and Motion’s Motion in Poetry.

The editors at Postscript plan to get started soon on the next issue and welcome new ideas from other graduate students on campus who would like to get involved. Students from outside of the Department of English are especially encouraged to join.

Postscript is supported by the Graduate Students Union, the Dean of Arts office, School of Graduate Studies and the Department of English. For more information or to receive a copy of the latest issue, contact Adam Beardsworth at


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