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Vol 38  No 6
November 24, 2005




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Recent publications by writers and editors
at Memorial University

Phenolic Compounds in Foods and Natural Health Products
Asian Functional Foods
Seafood Quality and Safety
Food Flavour and Chemistry
Edited Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi

Edited Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi

Response of Marine Ecosystems to Global Change: Ecological Impact of Appendicularians
Edited by Dr. Don Deibel, G. Gorsky and M. J. Youngbluth

Four Centuries and the City: Perspectives on the Historical Geography of St. John’s
Edited by Dr. Alan Macpherson

Reginald Shepherd and Helen Parsons Shepherd - A Life Composed
Edited by Dr. Ronald Rompkey

Understanding Rancé: The Spirituality of the Abbot of La Trappe in Context
By Dr. David N. Bell

The Woman Who Mapped Labrador: The Life and Expedition Diary of Mina Hubbard
Diary edited and introduced by Dr. Roberta Buchanan and Bryan Greene. Biography by Anne Hart

Cruise Ship Squeeze: The New Pirates of the Seven Seas
By Dr. Ross A. Klein

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory
By Drs. Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter


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