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Vol 38  No 4
October 13, 2005



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New links for students

By Megan Jackman

Kim Kelly said her new position is a part of the Student Success Programs initiative within Student Affairs and Services, which supports programs such as the Leader Forum. (Photo by Chris Hammond)


Kim Kelly has recently been appointed the Student Life Programs Liaison Officer with Student Affairs and Services. Developed during the past year, this position is specifically aimed at strengthening student leadership and supporting the activities of student groups.

A longtime employee of Memorial University, Ms Kelly has years of key experience to bring to her current position. She was a resource person with campus residence for nine years. She worked for Career Development and Experiential Learning, was named Faculty and Staff Volunteer of the Year by the Student Volunteer Bureau in 2005 and awarded the President’s Award for Exemplary Service in 2004. She recently served as acting manager of Answers in Student Affairs.

Ms Kelly said she is excited about her new role. “It’s the first time the position has been offered. It’s all about developing partnerships and programs that promote student engagement and involvement.”

The position will provide a critical link between students and the resources that Student Affairs and Services has to offer. In fact, students were represented by Roger Drinkall, MUN Students’ Union vice-president (internal), on the interview panel which selected Ms Kelly.

Ms Kelly believes that collaboration with MUNSU will be key in positively shaping her role. “MUNSU will be a resource to me (and) they can use me as a resource person.”

Dr. Lilly Walker, Dean of Student Affairs and Services, sees the position as the next stage in an evolution toward a strong student development model.

“What we identified initially is that we really need some more resource people. Our primary goal is to support students so that when they do come to Memorial, they get involved. And through that involvement, they develop contacts, additional skill sets ... so that university becomes a really vibrant experience.”

This position is a part of the Student Success Programs initiative within Student Affairs and Services. Among various other programs, Ms Kelly will have a major involvement with the LIFE Program, Student Ambassador Program, 2005 Leader Forum, and future orientation activities.

Ms Kelly is highly regarded by Dr. Walker as an approachable and experienced resource person for students

“She is excellent for this position. She loves students. She meets students and always remembers who they are. She really makes an effort to connect in a way that benefits the student.”

Ms Kelly is currently located in the University Centre in the Answers office. She can also be contacted by phone at 737-3535 or e-mail


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