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Vol 38  No 4
October 13, 2005



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The theory of Einstein

By David Sorensen

Albert Einstein is the most famous scientist of the 20th century, although many know little of his work. However, in the world of physics, he has defined a discipline.

In 1905, Einstein wrote four papers that revolutionized modern physics, explained Dr. Michael Morrow of Memorial’s Department of Physics.

“In this one year, he changed the way we think about motion, changed the way we think about atoms and molecules and changed the way we think about light,” he said. “(That’s a) pretty good year.”

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his groundbreaking research, Dr. Clifford Will has undertaken a lecture tour that will stop at Memorial University on Oct. 24.

Dr. Will is a member of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. He has published over 160 scientific articles.

His lecture will explore the long history of testing Einstein’s 1905 theories ­ first in the famous 1919 measurements of the bending of light ­ and finally examine how relativity plays an important role in daily life.

The talk takes place at 7:30 p.m. in room IIC-2001 of the Inco Innovation Centre. It will be simulcast to a Corner Brook audience.

Dr. Morrow said while the talk is exciting for the physics community, it’s aimed at the general public, particularly young people with an interest in science.

“It’s a very visual talk, not mathematical,” explained Dr. Morrow. “He’s a great speaker.”

The United Nations designated 2005 the World Year of Physics and this lecture by Dr. Will is part of program to highlight his achievements and promote the discipline.

Dr. Morrow is on the steering committee for the Canadian World Year of Physics and has been involved in planning the Clifford Will lecture, which will visit 16 cities in 23 days.

There is free admission for the lecture and parking is available in Lot 18. A reception will follow the lecture.

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