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Vol 38  No 4
October 13, 2005



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November 3, 2005

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News & Notes

For more information about the items below, or to request application materials, contact Elizabeth Noseworthy at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

Student research in the North
Applications forms are available at for Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants. NSTP grants are supplementary funds awarded to assist students in the completion of research projects in the North. The use of the funds is restricted to travel costs for the student to and from the field area; student living expenses; freight costs; and translation costs. Graduate and senior undergraduate students from any discipline who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply in conjunction with their faculty advisor. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Research by Thursday, Nov. 1.

NSERC extends IPY deadline
NSERC has extended its deadline from Nov. 7 to Nov. 28 for submission of proposals in support of International Polar Year (IPY) projects. As announced previously, NSERC will provide a maximum of $500,000 per project and projects may be of up to three years in duration. To be considered for NSERC funding, the proposed IPY project must be endorsed by either the national or international IPY Committee. Federal funding in addition to that provided by NSERC has recently been announced. Details of that funding which is focused on the areas of “climate change impacts and adaptation” and “health and well-being of northern communities” are available at

Initiative on the New Economy
SSHRC has announced a second competition under the Initiative on the New Economy (INE) Crossing Boundaries Research Initiative. This program offers two one-year grants, each valued at up to $125,000. One grant will be awarded under the theme of improving government accountability, while the other under the theme of increasing aboriginal social capital. The program description and forms are available at Application deadline is Nov. 25.

Lieutenant Governor’s Award
The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service is awarded annually by the Newfoundland Regional Group of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC). This award recognizes a person who has made an exceptional and sustained contribution to public administration in Newfoundland and Labrador. Members of all public bodies, including federal, provincial, municipal or university are eligible to be nominated. Nominations should include a cover letter, brief biography (two pages) and a narrative report (four pages) describing the basis for the nomination as well as supporting evidence illustrating the nominee’s leadership skills, innovation/creativity, accomplish-ments/impact and community work. Nominations should be sent to Mark Butler, president, IPAC Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Group, c/o ACOA, P.O. Box 1060, St. John’s, NL A1C 5M5. Deadline is Oct. 21.

Killam Prizes
The Canada Council for the Arts is inviting nominations for the 2006 Killam Prizes. The five prizes ­ in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, health sciences, and engineering ­ are valued at $100,000 each. See Deadline is Nov. 1.

Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation offers funding programs in arts and cultural exchange; Japanese language education; and Japanese studies and intellectual exchange. Information on these programs may be found at Deadline is Nov. 1.

Clinical Fellowship Funding Opportunities
Parkinson Society Canada has announced a request for applications under the following Clinical Fellowship funding opportunities: 1) Clinical Research Fellowship Program which offers fellowship support for a two year duration to the value of $45,000-$50,000. Recipient training will combine direct experience in the diagnoses and treatment of Parkinson’s and in clinical research. 2) Boehringer Ingelheim Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship offers fellowship support for a one-year duration in the amount of $45,000. Recipient will undertake clinical training in the subspecialty of Movement Disorders and gain expertise in diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s and may include other movement disorders. Deadline is Nov. 4, 2005. For application materials and information see

Letter of Intent ­ Stem Cell Network
The Stem Cell Network is now inviting letters of intent outlining research projects relevant to stem cells and the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Concurrently the network is inviting applications for postdoctoral fellowships in the same research area. The deadline for LOI is Nov. 3, 2005. See

Dan David Prize
The Dan David Prize is a joint international enterprise endowed by the Dan David Foundation, headquartered at Tel Aviv University. The selected fields for 2006 are preserving cultural heritage, journalists of print media, and cancer therapy. Three prizes of $1 million U.S. will be awarded in each of these fields, with 10 per cent of the prize in each area provided to outstanding young researchers, doctoral and postdoctoral students studying topics in these fields. For information on the prize and nominations process, see The nominations deadline is Nov. 30, while the deadline for scholarship applications is March 30, 2006.

British Academy Visiting Fellowships
British Academy Visiting Fellowships promote international scholarship in the humanities and social sciences by enabling outstanding early-career scholars from overseas to undertake short periods of research of two to four months in British institutions. Any early-career (PhD obtained within last five years) from outside the UK may apply, although it is the academy’s intention to give priority to candidates from countries where financial resources to support visits to the U.K. are not readily available. Application must be made in tandem with a U.K.-based academic sponsor whose home institution is willing to host the visit. Fellows will be reimbursed for travel and will receive a modest maintenance allowance. Details at Deadline is Dec. 15.

NSERC Innovation Challenge Awards
NSERC is inviting nominations for its next round of Innovation Challenge Awards. These awards consist of a $10,000 main prize, two runner-up prizes of $5,000 and honourable mentions of $1,000. The awards recognize research in the natural sciences, engineering or computer science at the master’s or PhD level, where the researchers have ideas about how that research might be transformed into a commercial project or service. For program guidelines, including the nominations procedure, visit Deadline is May 16, 2006.

World Community Grid
The World Community Grid invites public and not-for-profit organizations to apply to use its grid technology at no cost for projects that benefit humanity and that will be contributed to the public domain. The world community grid supports the processing of very large and complex algorithms or large amounts of data that can be divided into smaller and independent computations. Proposals are considered on a quarterly basis. See

Imminent deadlines

Nov. 15
Canada Council for the Arts, Inter-Arts Program - creation/production grants; dissemination grants; annual and multi-year grants.

Canadian Hemophilia Society - research grants.

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada ­ grants in aid of research.

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service ­ graduate study scholarships (outside the fields of music, visual arts and performing arts).

The Canada-United States Fulbright Program ­ Fulbright scholar awards; Fulbright visiting research chair awards;

Fulbright-OAS ecology initiative.

Memorial University, Office of Research ­ publications subvention program.

Nov. 18
The Foundation Fighting Blindness ­ William K. Stell Scholarship; postdoctoral fellowship award; graduate student award; operating grant.

Nov. 30
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada ­ northern science award (nomination).

Memorial University, Office of Research ­ university research professorships (nominations and applications).

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (The) ­ Royal College medal awards.


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