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Vol 38  No 3
September 22, 2005




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Dr. James Feehan, Economics, was one of seven economists invited from across Canada by the Expert Panel on Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing to a consultation on the treatment of provincial natural resource revenues in the Equalization program. The meeting was held in Montreal on Sept. 9. Dr. Feehan also participated in the Expert Panelís Roundtable on Territorial Formula Financing, and served as the rapporteur for that event. It was held on Aug. 25 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The expert panel was established by the federal government to advise it on the allocation of equalization payments to the provinces as well as grants to the three territorial governments.

Dr. Tahir Husain, director of Continuing Engineering Education in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, has received more than $600,000 over three years. Dr. Husain and his team will develop improved modeling tools to monitor and assess risk of the environmental impact of discharged produced water from offshore platforms. The grant includes $382,000 in cash and $300,000 in-kind support from Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, SNC-Lavelin and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Dr. Ian Jordaan, university research professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, recently received grants worth $300,000 for experimental fracture testing of ice. The funding for the research project, titled Experimental Study of Ice Failure Processes for Design Load Estimation, comes from Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada and National Research Council of Canada, which both contributed $50,000 each year for three years. The project is aimed at exploring more cost-effective designs of offshore structures for ice loads and will be done in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canadaís Institute for Ocean Technology (IOT) and industry partners. The project builds on a related undertaking Ice Data Analysis and Mechanics for Design Load Estimation funded by industry (Husky Energy, Petro-Canada, and Chevron Canada Resources), NRC, and NSERC.

Julia Temple, a PhD student in the Department of Sociology, and Research Fellow with SafetyNet: A Community Research Alliance on Health and Safety in Marine and Coastal Work, was recently awarded a large and prestigious Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She will use this grant to support her doctoral research focusing on elementary teachersí workload and occupational health.


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