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Vol 38  No 3
September 22, 2005




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Women’s Studies gathers in celebration

In a celebration on Sunday, Sept. 18, the Women’s Studies program recognized the achievements of eight colleagues during the academic year 2004-05. They are:

Dr. Sharon Roseman, for her collection of essays co-edited with Ellen Badone, Intersecting Journeys: the Anthropology of Pilgrimage and Tourism (U of I Press, 2004), and for her new DVD on women, activism, and change in the textile industry in Spain;

Dr. Nicole Power, for What Do They Call a Fisherman? Men, Gender, and Restructuring in the Newfoundland Fishery (ISER Books, 2005), on the effects of privatization and professionalization on men (and women) in Bonavista and Trinity Bays;

Dr. Barbara Neis, for her recent appointment to SSHRC and for her edited collection, Changing Tides (Fernwood Publishing, 2005), on the threats posed by globalization to the lives and livelihoods of women fish workers and their families world-wide.

Dr. T. A. Loeffler, for climbing Denali (Mt. McKinley, Alaska) “to see how far she could go,” and bringing back her zest for challenge to her students;

Dr. Diana Gustafson, for Unbecoming Mothers: the Social Production of Maternal Absence, a study of mothers’ experience of separation and social constructions of the “bad” mother (Haworth Press, 2005);

Dr. Morgan Gardner, for Linking Activism: Ecology, Social Justice, and Education for Social Change, the voices of activists working for ecological and social change (Routledge, 2005);

Dr. Roberta Buchanan, for background essays and the editing and annotating of Mina Hubbard’s diary of the 1905 expedition: The Woman Who Mapped Labrador, Anne Hart, Roberta Buchanan, Bryan Greene (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2005); and

Dr. Kathy Browning for five art exhibitions, one still at the Botanical Garden Gallery.


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