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Vol 38  No 3
September 22, 2005




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Flashback Remembrances of Memorial Past...

35 years ago
Rapid registration
Summer 1970
­ Over 3,000 students enrol for the 1970 Summer Session, and registration of all students is carried out in a single day. This performance was made possible by the punch card system used at Memorial for the first time in September 1969.

30 years ago
Homecoming ‘75
Summer 1975
­ Memorial’s first homecoming dominates the news this summer. A history of the founding of Memorial College and lots of photos of past events are part of the coverage of 50 years at Memorial.

35 years ago
First graduate studies dean
September 1970
­ Dr. Frederick Aldrich is appointed the university’s first dean of graduate studies. A member of the faculty at Memorial since 1961, Dr. Aldrich’s contributions are in the development of science teaching and research, particularly marine sciences.

30 years ago
Book honouring Dr. Seary
September 1975
­ Memorial publishes a book in honour of Dr. E. R. Seary, former head of the Department of English and, since 1970, holder of the Henrietta Harvey Research Professorship. A Festschrift for Edgar Ronald Seary: Essays in English Language and Literature is presented by colleagues and former students.

25 years ago
Enrolment rises
September 1980
­ There is an overall 12.3 per cent increase in undergraduate enrolment for the fall 1980 seminar, with enrolment at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook rising by 20.5 per cent. This semester there are 1,690 first-year students and 4,292 senior division students.

20 years ago
Pharmacy program takes off
September 1985
­ Dr. Gerald R. Duncan is leaving his position at the University of Toronto to assume his new role as head of the university’s new School of Pharmacy. During the first year his appointment will be part-time, with 50 per cent of his time spent on duties at Memorial. His full-time appointment will take effect next year when the School of Pharmacy accepts its first student into the program.

15 years ago
Labour difficulties resolved
September 1990
­ New university president Dr. Arthur May is pleased that the university has reached new collective agreements with security, maintenance and custodial personnel covering the next three years with wage increases ranging from about 22 to 32 per cent.

10 years ago
17th-century street discovered
September 1995
­ Dr. James Tuck and his archaeological team are continuing to make exciting discoveries at the Colony of Avalon site in Ferryland. This month they uncovered a cobblestone street built at about the same time the colony was established in 1621.

Five years ago
Memorial launches oil and gas partnership
September 2000
­ Memorial University introduces a special initiative designed to transform Newfoundland and Labrador into an internationally-recognized leader in education, training, research and development related to all facets of the oil and gas industry. The Oil and Gas Development Partnership is a multi-year initiative that will involve the creation of new academic programs, research projects and facilities, outreach programs and strategic industrial partnerships with the petroleum industry.


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