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Vol 38  No 2
September 1, 2005



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News & Notes

For more information about the items below, or to request application materials, contact Elizabeth Noseworthy at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

New process CIHR fellowship applications
CIHR has announced a new process for reviewing fellowship applications that meet high standards with respect to fairness, effectiveness and efficiency, to be implemented in the October 2005 competition. See

CIHR and CFI collaborate
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) are joining forces to support clinical research across the spectrum from translational research to clinical trials and observational studies. A joint call for proposals will be issued in early November, with a submission of a project outline in late February 2006. See

NSERC initiative
In the spring, NSERC launched five new Centres for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning (CRYSTAL) across Canada that will be intensely involved in improving Canadian science and math education. See

Institute of Health Services and Policy Research opportunities
CIHR Team Grant Program (letter of intent deadline ≠ Nov. 14, 2005; full application deadline ≠ Sept. 5, 2006). The program emphasis is on the production of new knowledge and the translation of research findings into improvements in the health of Canadians and the Canadian health care system. See Priority announcements (IHSPR) to support strategic health services and policy research and/or to increase the supply of excellent researchers in Canada who successfully lead, participate in and translate outstanding research in thematic areas identified as important through national consultations to the current and emerging information needs of policy, administrative and clinical decision-makers. See

Canadian Stroke Network
The Canadian Stroke Network (CSN) call for letters of intent for research projects from both current CSN members and non-members for funding from April 1, 2006, through Mar. 31, 2008. The deadline for letters of intent is Oct. 3, 2005. See

CIHR Operating Grants Program
Revise program information and changes, as well as the online application form and instructions for the CIHR Operating Grants Program, are available on CIHRís web site. See, and Faculty are asked to ensure that they are aware of the changes to the 2005-06 CIHR Grants and Awards Guide: and eligible expenses Applicants and co-applicants should allow additional preparation time for institutional signatures on their applications, including Memorial Universityís institutional signature from the director, Office of Research. For the fall CIHR operating grant competition (with an Aug. 15 registration date), the deadline for an administrative review of applications is Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005 (10 working days before CIHRís deadline date of Sept. 15). All applications must have head/director/dean approval for both principal investigator and co-investigators before requesting institutional signature. See For questions related to this or any other Tri-Council granting program, contact one of the grants coordinators, Office of Research: Jan Hopkins (; 737-4745) or Debbie Barnes (; 737-4076).

CIHR Research Resource Grant Program
CIHRís Multi-user Equipment/Facilities program and Equipment/Facilities (Acquisition and Maintenance) programs have been replaced with CIHR Research Resource Program (with an Aug. 15 registration deadline and an Oct. 1 full application submission date). See and

CIHR Industry Partnered Program
This program for core research resources is similar to the Research Resource Grant Program except that it requires other sources of financial support. The multiple deadlines for registration are Dec. 15, Feb. 15, May 15, July 1, and Sept. 1. Full applications deadlines are Feb. 15, Apr 15, July 15, Sept. 1, and Nov. 1. See

NSERC Grants Information Session
The annual NSERC grants information visit takes place on Monday, Sept. 12, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Inco Innovation Centre, room IIC-2018.

SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program
Faculty planning on applying to the Oct. 15 SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program should note that the web CV application and instructions are now posted at Eligible expenses for this grant program are noted at Applicants should also familiarize themselves with the changes in MUN rates of pay for graduate and non-graduate students. The Office of Research annual memo providing additional information on this competition will be forthcoming.

SSHRC/Canada Heritage sport research
SSHRC, in partnership with the Sports Canada Program of the Department of Canada Heritage, has a new program to fund selected doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and university-affiliated researchers to conduct research on maters related to participation in sports in Canada. See or contact

SSHRC/Canada Heritage Multiculturalism Program
SSHRC, in partnership with the Multiculturalism Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage, announces a grant program that will help to inform the development of policies and programs that can both initiate and evaluate social and institutional changes conducive to building a more inclusive and just society. See or contact

CIHR and partner funding opportunities
In mid-July CIHR announced at a number of grant programs, some of which have fall registration and submission dates. Included are Clinical Research Networks: Priority Announcements - CIHR Team Grants (2005-06); Fellowship Awards - Priority Announcement: Personnel Awards in Transfusion Science; Highlight on Hypertension Research: Priority Announcement - Fellowship Awards; International; Opportunities Program - Collaborative Research Project Grants and Development/Planning Grants.

CIHR Enhancements to Training Module
Enhancement to the Training Module for the fall competition include: updated instructions on the drop-down box list for the Priority Announcements; samples of the sponsorís form have been added to the printout; four separate sponsorís forms have been posted on the list of forms and guidelines for completion page, with a table that asked applicants to enter the percentage of time spent on various activities. Applicants must submit version 07/2005 of the Training Module for fall 2005 competitions.

Kidney Foundation of Canada competition
Applications forms and guidelines for the KFOC Biomedical Program and Allied Health Research Grants Program have been revised are available at The competition deadline date is Oct. 15. For information contact Wim Wolfs at 1-800-361-7494, ex. 225, or

AAC/NSERC Research Partnerships Program
NSERC is now accepting new applications to the AAFC/NSERC Research Partnerships Program on an ongoing basis. Revised program description and application instructions are posted on NSERCís web site Priority research areas have been changed to Environmental Health, Sustainable Production Systems (Animals and Plants), Bio-Products and Bio-Processes and Food Safety and Quality. Direct questions to, 613-996-7229.

Networks of Centres of Excellence New Initiative (NCE-NI)
The Networks of Centres of Excellence Program is launching a pilot project. This $1-million-per year new initiative will support the networking activities of research groups to develop new partnerships with receptor communities. Application deadline of Sept. 12, 2005. See NI/nce ni_e.htm.

Associated Medical Services
AMS has announced funding for the following three competitions: Bioethics Grant-In-Aid/Bioethics Career Enhancement Fellowship/Symposium/Workshop in Bioethics. See

BIOCAP Research Integration Program
BIOCAP has announced a call for proposals under their Research Integration Program for short term contracts and is designed to generate a series of synthesis papers/reports that will address specific areas of interest within the BIOCAP mandate. Deadline for proposals is Sept. 16, 2005. See

Technology Summit and Technology Platform
Canada has been selected as Indiaís partner country for this yearís Technology Summit and Technology Platform in India. The summit will be held Sept. 19-23, 2005, and will focus on developing S&T linkages between India and Canada. See

Bora Laskin National Fellowship
The purpose of this SSHRC fellowship is to support research preferably of a multidisciplinary or an interdisciplinary nature and to develop Canadian expertise in the field of human rights with emphasis on human rights. See Deadline date Oct. 1, 2005.

Lťger Fellowship
The Jules and Gabrielle Lťger Fellowship ($50,000) is to promote research and writing on the historical and contemporary contribution of the Crown and its representatives, federal and provincial, to the political, constitutional, cultural, intellectual, and social life of the country, including comparisons between Canadian and Commonwealth systems. See

Knowledge Mobilization Learning Institute

Education graduate students and faculty from across Canada are invited to a learning institute offered by the Canadian Centre for Knowledge Mobilization ≠ funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and hosted by the Faculty of Education of the University of British Columbia. The institute runs Oct. 27-29. There is a nominal fee of $25 for those who attend. Registration is required and must be done as soon as possible as participation is limited to 20. See

Imminent deadlines
Oct. 15

Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador ≠ Violet D. Ruelokke research grant; trust research facilitation grants.

Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance ≠ CBCRA operating grant.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research ≠ research personnel programs: doctoral research award; The Douglas Kinsella doctoral award for research in bioethics.

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology ≠ CCFC fellowship program.

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange ≠ research grants; grants for scholars; doctoral fellowships.

Kidney Foundation of Canada ≠ biomedical research grants; biomedical fellowships; biomedical scholarships; allied health research grant.

National Cancer Institute of Canada ≠ research grants.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ≠ standard research grants.

Stanford Humanities Center ≠ external faculty fellowships.


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