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Vol 38  No 17
July 20, 2006



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Food bank looking for donations

Memorialís Campus Food Bank is in the midst of a unique new campaign aimed at increasing donations from faculty and staff.

The 12 Days of Christmas in July Food Drive runs until July 25.

Departments and offices have been encouraged to collect items for the food bank. Points will be awarded for collecting specific items the food bank is requesting. The unit that collects the most points will receive a free staff lunch sponsored by Subway.

Employees are not expected to collect all the items the food bank is looking for; rather units and departments are being encouraged to collaborate and collect the non-perishable items as a team. At the end of the food drive, volunteers will collect items and tally up results to see which office collected the most. Michelle Snow, marketing events co-ordinator with the Division of Marketing and Communications, displays some of the items the food bank is requesting during this month's food drive.

To see a listing of the items requested by the Campus Food Bank, visit or e-mail Kenny Curlew at, or Pradeep Bobby at to arrange for pick up of donations.


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