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Vol 38  No 16
June 29, 2006




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President and chancellor travel to France for ceremonies

Commemorating Beaumont Hamel

By Jeff Green

Itís a sombre anniversary and a poignant reminder of how this provinceís only university got its name.

Memorial University is playing a role this week and next during the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Somme commemorative ceremonies taking place in France, including at historic Beaumont Hamel.

President Axel Meisen, along with Dr. John Crosbie, the universityís chancellor, are both overseas this week taking part in a number of ceremonies including whatís expected to be an emotional ceremony on July 1 in Beaumont Hamel where the Newfoundland Regiment was nearly annihilated 90 years ago.

On July 1, 1916, at the height of the First World War, the regiment (later renamed Royal Newfoundland Regiment) valiantly went into battle. Despite its efforts, more than 700 members were killed or wounded and only 68 answered roll call the next day.

That war, and subsequently the Second World War, holds special significance for an institution that was built as a living memorial to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who died during the First World War.

Memorial University College was later rededicated to also encompass the provinceís war dead of the Second World War. Three hundred and ten former students of Memorial University College offered themselves for active service in the Second World War. Thirty of these students lost their lives. Their names are recorded in the front of the University Calendar each year.

Ever since, Memorial has marked sombre occasions such as July 1 and Nov. 11 with particular reverence, paying tribute to veterans and commemorating their actions and ensuring younger generations of university graduates realize why the universityís name is so important.

Drs. Meisen and Crosbie are part of a larger delegation from this province which includes youth representatives, provincial and municipal leaders and the entire complement of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, which received funding earlier this year from the provincial government to participate in ceremonies.

Drs. Meisen and Crosbie will attend the ceremony visits in Monchy-le-preux on June 29 as well as the special regiment dinner, and take part in commemorative ceremonies in Beaumont Hamel on July 1.

Lt.-Gov. Ed Roberts, the Royal Newfoundland Regimentís honorary Colonel, is also participating in the ceremonies in France, as is Premier Danny Williams.

On the St. Johnís campus, the Centre for Newfoundland Studies and the Archives and Manuscripts Division have created a special display which showcases a number of books and archival documents related to the Newfoundland Regiment in the Battle of the Somme at Beaumont Hamel. Itís currently on display in the CNS. (See related story).

The university will also take part in the annual Memorial Day ceremonies in downtown St. Johnís. Dr. Eddy Campbell, vice-president (academic), will lay a wreath at the National War Memorial in Dr. Meisenís absence.


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