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Vol 38  No 15
June 8, 2006



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In Brief

New art exhibit launched at QE II

A new exhibition showcasing the artistic flare of 22 current and former employees of Memorial University is currently on display in the First Space Gallery in the Queen Elizabeth II Library on the St. Johnís campus.

Memorial launches new brand identity

At a special brand launch event May 23, Memorial University presented its new brand to faculty, staff, regents, students, and alumni, as the first step in a new institutional marketing program. The brand concept focuses on the idea of transformation ≠ that Memorial is the place that people and ideas become.

The development of Memorialís new brand took more than a year of planning, consultations and market research. It included focus groups, consultations with people on all campuses, brainstorming with the universityís senior officials, and discussions with alumni, donors, members of public and private sector organizations, friends and other stakeholders inside and outside the province. The Division of Marketing and Communications led the planning effort.

The brand identity includes a new, more modern institutional logo and a design concept that uses silhouettes and selected fonts and colours to illustrate the meaning of the brand and unify university promotional publications and activities.

Information about Memorialís brand-building process is available at

Katz Report delayed

The report from Dr. Shirley Katz has been delayed. Dr. Katz anticipated completing her report by the end of May. However, due to a death in her family, Dr. Katz has since advised that this has not been possible. She anticipates the report will be submitted in mid-June.

Dr. Katz was commissioned to undertake an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the employment experience of the late Dr. Deepa Khosla, to study whether Memorialís policies, procedures and practices on harassment are disseminated and effective, and to determine whether the universityís climate is supportive and welcoming to women.

President Axel Meisen said the university looks forward to receiving the report and will announce the expected release date for the report when that date becomes available.

See the original story at

Concert raises money for School of Music

Budding musicians at Memorial Universityís School of Music will benefit directly from a new scholarship fund set up in honour of a well respected employee of the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador (AGNL).

The Carl Morrissey Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to a music student at the university. Mr. Morrissey was an art gallery technician at the AGNL when it was still a part of Memorial. He passed away July 25, 2005, at the age of 50 as a result of a massive coronary.

An art auction, held June 6 in St. Johnís, helped raise money for the scholarship fund. Meanwhile, a concert set for June 15 aims to do the same. The concert will take place at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. Johnís. Tickets are available at the centreís box office.

For more information, contact Ann Devlin at 722-1360 after 5 p.m. or e-mail or call Shelly Morrissey at 579-8255 or e-mail Donations for the Carl Morrissey Memorial Scholarship can be made through Memorial Universityís Office of Alumni Affairs and Development.

Icelandic teachers visit Memorial

It was the start of a long and fruitful journey when Karl Erlendsson, a headmaster at a compulsory school (ages six to 16) in Iceland contacted Dr. Jean Brown, Faculty of Education, about coming to Memorial for a sabbatical in 2001-2002. This initial contact with Dr. Brown led to a professional development workshop that saw 22 teachers from Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland, arrive in St. Johnís on June 7 for a week-long visit.

The group will participate in school visitations in St. Philips, Bay Roberts and Harbour Grace, as well as workshops at Memorial on the provincial school system, school development, current brain research, inclusive education, and virtual learning in provincial high schools. Dr. Brown says that one of the groupís key interests is e-learning. ďTheir school, which is new, has state-of-the-art technology and they are really interested in what we are doing with technology in this province.Ē The group will be working in the digital resource centre in the Faculty of Education and will be taking a tour of the Marine Institute. For more information contact Dr. Jean Brown, Faculty of Education at


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