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Vol 38  No 15
June 8, 2006



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Professor emeritus

Dr. Neil Rosenberg

Dr. Neil V. Rosenberg was honoured with the distinction professor emeritus during spring convocation.

Born in Seattle, he received his first musical training in classical violin at age seven. Dr. Rosenberg studied at Oberlin College in Ohio where he learned bluegrass music, teaching himself how to play the five-string banjo and the mandolin. He went on to study at Indiana University where he received his MA and PhD. He moved to Newfoundland to teach with the Department of Folklore in 1968 before retiring in 2004. In St. Johnís he has performed with numerous groups, and taken part in numerous broadcasts and concerts as a soloist and accompanist.

Dr. Rosenberg has produced four major books: Transforming Tradition: Folk Music Revivals Examined (1993); Bluegrass: A History (1985); Folklore and Oral History (1978); and Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys: An Illustrated Discography (1974), over 65 articles in books and journals, and has edited and annotated some 35 recordings.

Dr. Rosenberg is a Fellow of the American Folklore Society. In 1998 he won a Grammy award for his contribution to the album notes of Smithsonian/ Folkways' Anthology of American Folk Music.

The category of professor emeritus is open only to retired members of the faculty. To be eligible, a person must have served at least 10 years as a regular full-time faculty member at Memorial and must have held the rank of professor upon retirement. The prime criterion for nomination is sustained, outstanding scholarly work and/or service to the university.


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