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Vol 38  No 14
May 18, 2006



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Accolades for Grenfell professors

By Pamela Gill

Prof. Ken Livingstone and Tina Dolter at this year's Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council awards on May 6. Ms. Dolter is a graduate of Grenfellís Visual Arts Program and was a nominee as Emerging Artist of the Year. (Photo courtesy of Sheilagh O'Leary)

Two Grenfell College professors have been honoured by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.

Michael Coyne and Ken Livingstone, co-founders of Sir Wilfred Grenfell Collegeís Division of Fine Arts, were co-inducted to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Councilís Hall of Honour in St. Johnís on Saturday, May 6.

Prof. Livingstone, head of the fine arts division, and Prof. Coyne, a visual arts instructor, were responsible for the creation of Grenfell Collegeís first degrees ≠ fine arts programs in visual arts and theatre. The first class of fine arts students graduated in 1992.

ďThe work of Profs. Livingstone and Coyne changed the face of Grenfell College and the cultural and artistic landscape of the province,Ē said Dr. John Ashton, principal of the college. ďOur theatre and visual arts graduates have become the backbone of several theatre festivals and arts organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador and across the country. They are the future of our provinceís tourism and cultural industries.

ďThat Profs. Coyne and Livingstone are being recognized in the company of Hall of Honour icons like Al Pittman, Christopher Pratt and Emile Benoit is entirely fitting.Ē

This yearís arts council awards were held at the Reid Theatre on Memorialís St. Johnís campus.

Other winners of awards included filmmaker Paul Pope, who received the 2005 Arts Achievement Award, musician Duane Andrews, who won the emerging artist award and Beni Malone of St. Johnís, who received the Arts in Education Award.

The Patron of the Arts Award went to Dave Hopley, owner of The Living Planet shop in St. Johnís. And, former Memorial writer-in-residence Lisa Moore won the Artist of the Year award.

The 2007 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Awards show will be held in Corner Brook in May ≠ the first time in its 20 year history that the show will be held outside St. Johnís.

Profs inducted by national organization

Meanwhile, Don Foulds and Marlene MacCallum of Grenfellís visual arts program were recognized last weekend for the importance of their contributions to the cultural life of Canada. The two professors were inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in Halifax at the academyís 126th annual general assembly. Profs. Foulds and MacCallum had their work displayed at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as part of a new membersí exhibition.

Elected by their peers, Profs. Foulds and MacCallum have been recognized for their significant contribution to the visual arts in Canada. Their artwork ≠ Prof. Fouldsí sculptures and Prof. MacCallumís printmaking ≠ is well recognized for its excellence and innovation on provincial, national and international levels.

As well, their award-winning work has been acquired for permanent public collections in regional and national galleries.

The RCA joins together Canadaís most accomplished artists, all of whom since 1880 have contributed substantially to the visual arts in Canada. The RCA is Canadaís oldest national organization of professional artists. It strives to promote the appreciation and development of the visual arts through its programs and activities, such as the RCA Scholarship Fund which assists artists in their pursuit of post-graduate study.


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