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Vol 38  No 14
May 18, 2006



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June 8, 2006

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New phone system coming for St. Johnís campus

Memorial Universityís St. Johnís campus is getting a new phone system.

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP, pronounced ďvoypĒ) is considered the future of telephony. Unlike a traditional telephone that uses wiring dedicated only to phone calls, VoIP uses the data network wiring used for computer communications. This multi-purposing results long-term savings, but the real win comes from new functionality that is now possible because VoIP is based on the same dynamic internet protocol technology of MUNet and the Internet.

This VoIP initiative is part of a much larger undertaking by the Department of Computing and Communications. In the spring of 2005, Memorial entered into a five-year strategic relationship with IBM Canada Ltd., to update and streamline the universityís technology and install new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to allow the university to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Memorialís decision to replace the traditional ďCentrexĒ phone service on the St. Johnís campus with VoIP puts the university in the same league as other tech-savvy institutions such as the University of British Columbia, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Concordia and Laval.

More information on the new phone system and on the phased roll out can be found at or read a story on MUN Today at


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