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Vol 38  No 14
May 18, 2006



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All about the truth

By Jill Hunt

Andrew Critch wants the truth.

“All I’ve really wanted to know in my whole life is the absolute truth,” says Mr. Critch. “I want to know definite, irrefutably correct things about the world, and pure mathematics, as a discipline, is a search for precisely that.”

When Mr. Critch was in high school, he completed first- year university science courses, allowing him to have a head start before entering the science program at Memorial. Studying an average of seven courses a semester, Mr. Critch is graduating with his undergraduate bachelor of science (honours) in pure mathematics in just two years.

This summer, Mr. Critch is starting an undergraduate research assistantship position with the University of Toronto and will begin his master’s of pure mathematics in the fall.

Dr. Chris Radford, head of the department of Mathematics and Statistics, said since Mr. Critch’s arrival at Memorial, he has achieved remarkable results in his degree program.

“Andrew is certainly one of the best students the department has had the good fortune to have had in one of its programs,” said Dr. Radford. “Andrew has achieved a lot more than top grades ­ he has been a great role model for other students and an outstanding ambassador for Memorial in his travels to various mathematical meetings and competitions in the Atlantic region and beyond.”

Last December, Mr. Critch competed in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition and placed fifth in Canada, putting Memorial’s team 35th out of 500 schools.

Upon entering the competition, Mr. Critch set a personal goal of trying to achieve a score of 50 out of 120, a result he achieved. This outstanding score earned him an honourable mention and a ranking of 57 out of 3,545 contestants.

Other competitions Mr. Critch participated in include the Atlantic Provinces International Council of the Science (APICS) Competition where Mr. Critch and his teammate Neil McKay placed first in 2004 and 2005.

Mr. Critch will alsobe awarded the Governor General’s Medal (Undergraduate) during convocation.

The governor general’s medal for undergraduates goes to the student obtaining a first degree who stands highest in the graduating class and has an average of first-class standing.

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