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Vol 38  No 13
April 27, 2006



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May 18, 2006

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Dr. Yvan Rose, Linguistics Department, has received a $25,000 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award to complete the design, refinement and implementation of the Phon software, which will make possible a powerful open source database for those working in language acquisition and speech disorders around the world.

The Canada Council for the Arts announced that the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, in Kingston, Ont., is the recipient of the 2005 York Wilson Endowment Award, for the purchase of antipersonnel, by Newfoundland contemporary artist and Grenfell College professor Barb Hunt. antipersonnel is a 50-part sculptural installation of full-scale replicas of land mines, hand-knit in various hues of pink wool. This ongoing project begun in 1998 and will ultimately yield representation of some 250 types of land mines. antipersonnel is meant as a continuing act of protest: by rendering land mines as knitted objects, Ms. Hunt makes them harmless, and in doing so pays homage to efforts to rid the globe of these pernicious weapons.


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