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Vol 38  No 13
April 27, 2006



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Co-op students receive inaugural awards

By Aimee Sheppard

From left, Dr. Mahmoud Haddara, Dr. Gary Gorman, Sumaiya Baquee, Dr. Michael Collins, Allison Tucker, Dr. Michael Wernerheim, Taracetta Butt and Dr. Ray Gosine. Missing from photo is award winner Jenny Earle.

Senior co-operative education students Jenny Earle, Allison Tucker, Sumaiya Baqee and Taracetta Butt received the inaugural Director’s Awards for outstanding work term performance from Memorial’s Division of Co-operative Education. While the awards recognize the outstanding contributions these young women made to their work terms, they each acknowledge that the works terms have, in turn, had a significant impact on their own programs and careers.

“My work terms have expanded on the concepts I learned through course work,” said Ms. Earle, a civil engineering student from St. John’s. “They have helped me determine where my interests lie in the broad civil engineering discipline. They have also given me valuable experience in a professional setting and provided me with mentors and contacts that I will carry with me throughout my career.”

“I love my program,” said Ms. Tucker, who is also from St. John’s. “Kinesiology combines my passion for sport and interest in medicine, it was the perfect degree for me to pursue.” Ms. Tucker has work term experience as a counsellor, lifeguard and instructor in canoeing and kayaking at Camp Micah in Maine; as a varsity athletics co-ordinator at Memorial; and as a biomechanics intern at the Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation in Colorado.

“My work term experiences will be significant assets when I enter the job market,” said Ms. Baquee, a business co-operative education and sociology student from Bangladesh. Ms. Baquee plans to pursue a master’s degree in sociology at Memorial this fall. “My aim is to combine my knowledge of both business and sociology, which is why I am hoping to focus on rural occupational health and safety in Newfoundland.”

The work experience students gain from co-operative education programs gives them an edge in the marketplace upon graduation. “Work terms allowed me to put the economics theory that I learned in university to practical use. I enhanced my computer skills and research and analytical skills. I also made many contacts and am continuing to do so as I now work with the Executive Council, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Ms. Butt, a graduate of the economics co-operative education program. “This position came as a result of my experiences and connections formed during my work terms. I believe the co-op work terms gave me the opportunity to meet people and show my potential, which resulted in my new position.”


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