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Vol 38  No 10
February 23, 2006



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Scholars on loan

NLCAHR’s first visiting scholar is Dr. Keith Cash.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research (NLCAHR) is using a new initiative called the Scholar-in-Residence Program to bring to the province established scholars who are actively involved in research linked to the centre’s priority themes.

Dr. Stephen Bornstein, director of NLCAHR, said that the Scholar-in-Residence Program builds linkages and facilitates collaboration of local researchers with external researchers and research organizations.

“We want to provide input into our ongoing research activities and research plans as well as to the work of graduate students at Memorial.”

The program accepted its first visiting scholar in January. Dr. Keith Cash is a retired professor of Nursing from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

He has been working as a volunteer with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Syria.

During his tenure at Memorial, Dr. Cash will collaborate with NLCAHR-affiliated researchers and give some public lectures and seminars on his current research. He will be collaborating with the School of Nursing at Memorial to help develop and implement a doctoral program, and will also participate in various NLCAHR activities and be available for consultation with graduate students.

NLCAHR is now accepting applications for the 2006-2007 Scholar-in Residence Program. The appointment will be for a period of one or two terms, with no more than one scholar appointed at any time. The scholar will receive a stipend of $15,000 (in salary or a research grant) for a full academic year’s residence or $7,500 for a single semester. Office facilities and services will be provided at NLCAHR. Up to $2,000 will also be provided in reimbursement for travel, relocation and research expenses on submission of appropriate receipts.

Memorial researchers and research teams that feel they would benefit from the involvement of a visiting scholar are encouraged to disseminate this information and recruit applicants. For more information, contact NLCAHR at 777-6993 or or visit


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