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Vol 38  No 10
February 23, 2006



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Self-admission service for high school students

By Jeff Green

Eager high school students from Newfoundland and Labrador with their sights set on Memorial now have a faster way to figure if they have the right courses for university.

The Office of the Registrar recently launched an innovative online self-admission program that enables current Level III students to have their eligibility for admission assessed at the same time they apply to Memorial.

“This service is important because it responds directly to the need to be prompt and clear in our dealings with applicants,” said Maria Murray, assistant registrar and admission manager with Memorial.

Ms. Murray said if students meet the requirements, they’ll receive a message indicating they’ve met the criteria for admission.

“We have always requested that students list the high school courses that they have already completed or are completing in the current year as part of their application,” explained Ms. Murray. “With paper-based applications, and formerly with online applications, we would receive this information, compare it with our admission requirements and, if possible, offer eligible students provisional admission by way of a letter some time after the submission of their application. With self-admission in place, we are now able to conduct this review automatically and provide students with an instant offer if they meet the criteria.”

Memorial officials later validate the information the student enters on the website with high school records it gets from the Department of Education and provide the students with advice if there are any discrepancies.

“If a student is not deemed to be eligible for an instant offer of admission at the time of application, we continue to process new applications promptly and assess any additional information that may exist for a student so that we can advise applicants of their eligibility for admission status as quickly as possible,” said Ms. Murray.

University Registrar Glenn Collins noted that the new online self-admission service is an innovative tool that appeals to a new generation of students who have grown up using the Internet. While there has been an initial investment up front to develop the new service, no extra funding is required to run the program.

Ms. Murray said although March 1 is the published deadline for submission for applications for general undergraduate programs, students are able to use the online application service at any time. “But we recommend that students apply as early as possible.”

To access the online application for admission, follow the links to Applications on Memorial’s homepage,


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