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Vol 38  No 1
August 11, 2005





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Thrombosis Web site offers practical guides

By Sharon Gray

Dr. Mary-Frances scully
(Photo by HSIMS)


Dr. Mary-Frances Scully, a hematologist and faculty member in the Discipline of Medicine, is a founding member of the Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada (TIGC), an organization which gives physicians looking to improve their knowledge of thrombosis a “made-in-Canada” solution.

Since 1991, a group of Canadian experts has been working to improve the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disease, through developing practical guides, patient information and a research fellowship. TIGC has 40 members across Canada, including hematologists, internists, respirologists, cardiologists, neurologists, a radiologist, family physicians, pharmacists, lab technologists and ­ more recently and most importantly ­ primary care practitioners.

That diversity is the special strength of the organization, according to Dr. Scully. The clinical guides, for example, have a multidisciplinary flavor and are aimed at family physicians, nurse practitioners and generalists rather than subspecialists.

“That is pretty unique,” said Dr. Scully, who initially set up a Web site to publish the clinical guides in 1995. Eugene Ryan of Memorial University’s Health Sciences and Information Media Service is currently the webmaster and has redesigned the site, which is located at These clinical guides can be downloaded to a PDA.

Dr. Scully said the Web site offers guides so that in two or three pages you can get a clear, simple, Canadian overview of problems. The guides are evidence-based when the evidence is appropriate and clear. “However, for the many clinical situations for which we do not yet have sufficient evidence, the consensus approach is used and is very useful,” she said. More than two dozen topics are covered including Warfarin therapy, diagnosis of DVT, DVT prophylaxis in orthopedics, anticoagulation in stroke patients, stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation, investigation of hypercoaguable states and anti-thrombotic therapy in valve replacement.

The clinical guides are available in English and are revised annually.


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