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Vol 38  No 1
August 11, 2005





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Flashback Remembrances of Memorial Past...

35 years ago
Rapid registration
Summer 1970
≠ Over 3,000 students enrol for the 1970 Summer Session, and registration of all students is carried out in a single day. This performance was made possible by the punch card system used at Memorial for the first time in September 1969.

30 years ago
Homecoming Ď75
Summer 1975
≠ Memorialís first homecoming dominates the news this summer. A history of the founding of Memorial College and lots of photos of past events are part of the coverage of 50 years at Memorial.

25 years ago
ISER studies inner city
Summer 1980
≠ The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) begins a study of the St. Johnís inner city. It will enumerate downtown residents, interview people moving out, and survey the areaís housing. An interdisciplinary team is in charge of the project, consisting of Christopher Sharpe, Geography, and government officials Mark Shrimpton and Richard Fuchs. The project is aimed at discovering why the population in the inner city is dropping.

20 years ago
Tenders called for TSC
Summer 1985
≠ Tenders are called on proposed renovations to the Thomson Student Centre (TSC) to cope with some of the severe overcrowding regularly experienced in the building. A major aspect of the current project is the expansion of the Breezeway Bar, doubling the presenting seating capacity of 200 by the addition of a two-level extension.

15 years ago
Squid symposium attracts scientists
Summer 1990
≠ Squid experts from all over the world visit Newfoundland early in August for the first international symposium designed to discuss and exchange information on the biology and fishery of the commercially important squid. Dr. Fred Aldrich is chair of Memorialís Ocean Studies Task Force and organizer of the symposium. Among many topics, the symposium explores methods and means by which squid could be developed as a dependable food source.

10 years ago
Negotiations still in limbo
Summer 1995
≠ Negotiations between Memorialís administration and the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association (MUNFA) remain in limbo. In July the university distributed a Handbook for Academic Staff Members to the universityís 850 faculty members, including professional librarians, represented by MUNFA. The handbook took effect July 12 and contains 25 clauses from the old collective agreement between the two parties, as well as five new clauses which represent items proposed recently by the university to the union. MUNFAís executive says it considers the document to be illegal.

Five years ago
Funding for aquaculture
Summer 2000
≠ Memorial University is awarded $14.4 million in federal funds over four years for AquaNet, the latest addition to a group of national Networks of Centres of Excellence. Memorial will serve as the lead research body and administration centre for the centre, which involves 72 researchers, 23 companies and six government agencies. AquaNet will focus on three main areas: animal production, including disease resistance among marine organisms, production enhancement, and the development of underutilized species; environmental impact, and social and economic aspects of developing this industry.


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