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Vol 37  No 17
July 21, 2005



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New scholarship will benefit
students and province

By Aimee Sheppard

Frank Fry, executive director of the Fry Family Foundation, reviews Memorial’s MBA program brochure with Lesley Parrott, a Memorial employee and alumna. Ms. Parrott received the inaugural Fry Family Foundation Graduate Leadership Scholarship valued at $25,000 and will join the MBA program in September. (Photo by Chris Hammond)

As an analyst with Memorial’s Enterprise Risk Management office, Lesley Parrott is used to dealing with the unexpected; however, she admits she was truly surprised when she found out she had been awarded the Fry Family Foundation Graduate Leadership Scholarship.

Ms. Parrott, B.Comm. (Co-op) (Hons) ’04, is the first person to receive the newly established scholarship. The Memorial alumna and employee will use the $25,000 award to pursue graduate studies in business administration.

Before applying for the scholarship, she knew she wanted to do an MBA but was leaning toward the part-time study option to better balance the financial impact of returning to school. “I was just browsing the School of Graduate Studies Web page and decided to check out the scholarships section. At first, the amount of the award caught my interest but then the whole description really appealed to me.”

The scholarship is intended to recognize a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador who has displayed strong leadership skills, demonstrated academic merit and who has shown a strong commitment to the province. To be eligible for the award, candidates must be entering a master’s program at Memorial and must agree to complete an international program option.

“Our family has a particular interest in leadership,” said Frank Fry, executive director of the Fry Family Foundation. “The award is intended for an individual who will go on to assume a major leadership role in Newfoundland and Labrador such as becoming a director or CEO of an organization. The award also allows the recipient to gain some experience outside the province and bring it back.”

Ms. Parrott will enter Memorial’s MBA program in September with advanced standing, meaning she is able to finish the program in eight months. In June 2006, she will participate in the Global Village for Future Leaders in Business and Industry, a six-week program at the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA.

“The Global Village program is an amazing opportunity to meet students and business leaders from around the world,” she said. Only 75 students are selected to participate in the program each year. Internationally-recognized professors and top-level executives from some of the world’s largest companies including AT&T, Harley Davidson, Kraft, and Volvo will teach students about the nuances of cross-cultural communication and business.

“I’ve always been interested in starting my own business since I first learned what careers were. I think there are so many opportunities for business in Newfoundland and Labrador and I’m looking forward to working with other entrepreneurial-minded people at Global Village.” She also hinted at an interest in teaching business courses at the university level.

“Ms. Parrott is a wonderful ambassador of the Fry Family Foundation,” said Dr. Chet Jablonski, Memorial’s dean of graduate studies. “As an undergraduate student she was involved with student council, volunteered for a variety of organizations, and maintained an outstanding academic record. She also shares the Fry family’s passion for the province and for fostering a strong, entrepreneurial culture.”


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