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Vol 37  No 17
July 21, 2005



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Camp Glow at Marine Institute

By Michelle Osmond

Participants in the Techsploration Program, the inspiration for Camp Glow.


Interested in fighting fires and saving lives as a career? The Marine Institute and Women in Resource Development Committee (WRDC) are holding a firefighting camp for girls in Grade 11 or 12 or for those who have just completed Grade 12.

Camp Glow is an opportunity to learn about the fire service and to have fun. According to camp organizer, Mary Clarke of WRDC Educational Resource Centre, it also gives young women confidence and leadership skills.

“Teamwork, problem solving, physical exercise and firefighter training is the intent of the camp. Young women will leave the camp knowing they can do absolutely anything.” The idea came from the Techsploration Program, which is also run by MI and WRDC. A small part of this was fire fighting and organizers realized it could be a camp all its own.

“The weeklong fire camp is strenuous, demanding and exciting. Many of the activities are modeled on what real firefighters go through during training. Girls will have a chance to use real firefighting equipment under the supervision of active female firefighters.” Exercises, classes and activities include introduction to the firefighter’s personal protective equipment, use of tools and ladders, search and rescue, and live fire training.

“Camp Glow is all about empowering young women to be anything they want to be. It’s about building confidence through physical exercises and personal experiences during activities,” said instructor Krista Parsons of Marine Institute. “Increasing their self-sufficiency, not only as young women, but also as potential future firefighters. This camp is an amazing opportunity for girls to learn about the fire service and to develop confidence and leadership skills to pursue their dreams. Simply, the girls will learn in a supportive environment, challenge themselves to their physical limits and get an idea what firefighting is really about.”

Camp Glow takes place in Foxtrap at the OSSC fire field campus, which is part of the Marine Institute. There is no cost for this camp which takes place July 25-28. To apply for Camp Glow 2005 please contact Mary Clarke at 738-3713.


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