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Vol 37  No 16
June 30, 2005




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ISER awards winter 2005

ISER awards winter 2005 The following is a listing of the award recipients in the Institute of Social and Economic Research competition for winter 2005.

ISER Post Doctoral Fellowship
Hunter, Mark (Renewal); History, MUN; An Alternative Labour Marketplace: The Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve, 1888-1926. $35,028.

ISER Books Post Doctoral Fellowship
Kearney Guigné, Anna; Folklore, MUN; Kenneth Peacock’s Songs of the Newfoundland Outports: The Cultural Politics of a Newfoundland Song Collection. $35,000.

ISER Master Fellowship
Barnable, K. Stuart; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Dorset Inner Bay Settlement and Subsistence as Seen Through Rattling Brook 1 (DgAt-1). Fellowship $10,000; Research Funds $4,955.38.
Jurakic, Irena; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Cultural Change and Cultural Continuity: The 18th/19th - Century Contact Period Inuit Site of Kongu (IgCv-7) on Nachvak Fiord, Northern Labrador; Fellowship $10,000; Research Funds $3,697.50.
Reschny, Jamie; Geography, MUN; Mining, Inuit Traditional Activities and Sustainable Development: A study of the effects of the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine, Labrador; Fellowship $10,000; Research Funds $5,000.

ISER Strategic Grant
Evans, Peter; University of Cambridge, UK; Resettlement or Removal? The relocation and displacement of aboriginal peoples from traditional lands, Confederation to the present; $5,000.

ISER Research Grants
Campbell, Monique; Faculty of Medicine, MUN; Rising Above a Crisis: Facilitators of Community Economic Development in Rural NL and Community Well Being Outcomes; $2,500.
Cogswell, Ainslie; Anthropology, MUN; Who called this house home?: The Excavation of a Middle Phase Dorset Dwelling at Phillip’s Garden (EeBi-1); $3,220.
Crompton, Amanda; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Provisioning Plaisance: Overseas Supply and Local Trade in a Seventeenth-Century French Newfoundland Colony; $2,038.30.
Feehan, James; Economics, MUN; The History of Hydro-Quebec’s ownership position in CFLCo and its implications; $4,645.
Halwas, Sara; Anthropology, MUN; Palaeoethnobotanical Investigations at the Clam Cove site, Nova Scotia (BhDc-5): Understanding Floral Utilization in the Late Woodland Period; $3,652.
Hranka, Teal; Archaeology Unit, MUN; After the Fire: The Resettlement of Ferryland, Post 1696 (CgAf-2); $4,186.53.
MacLeod-Leslie, Heather; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Invisible Subjects: An Archaeological Investigation of Black Loyalist’ Identity - Phase Two; $3,300.
Neilsen, Scott; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Archaeology Beyond the Horizon: Pre-Contact Land Tenure in Labrador West; $2,000.
Wells, Patricia; Archaeology Unit, MUN; Dorset Palaeoeskimo Organic Tool Industry at Phillip’s Garden: A Multi-Scalar Approach; $2,289.12.


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