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Vol 37  No 15
June 9, 2005



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Papers & Presentations

Dr. James P. Feehan, Economics, gave a presentation in the Fiscal Issues session at the Looking Backward, Thinking Forward conference, which was organized by the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University and held on May 12-14. Dr. Feehan spoke on the treatment of natural resource revenues within the federal government’s equalization program.

Dr. Walter C. Okshevsky, Faculty of Education/Department of Philosophy, presented an invited paper on Teaching Philosophy in Education for Pre-service and In-service Teachers as part of a panel discussion on this topic at the annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, sub-group of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, May 30, 2005. Dr. Okshevsky is president of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society. Copies of his paper are available upon request at

Dr. Sudhir K. Saha, professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, Faculty of Business Administration, presented and published a research paper titled HR Decisions about Affirmative Action: Do Individual Values and Education Make a Difference? at the Sixth International Conference on HRD Research and Practice Across Europe hosted by Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, May 25-27, 2005. Dr. Saha was also one of the co-authors of another research paper titled The Impact of Individual Values on the Importance Attached to Training and Development by Line Managers presented and published at the conference. Dr. David McGuire, Napier University, Scotland, Dr. Thomas Garavan, University of Limerick, Ireland, and Dr. David O’Donnel, Intellectual Capital Research Institute of Ireland were the other co-authors of the paper. Both papers were very well received at the conference.

Dr. Graham Shorrocks, English, has a contribution titled Affirmation in Farnworth in David Crystal’s The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, second edition Cambridge University Press, 2004.


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