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Vol 37  No 15
June 9, 2005



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Strategic planning process to kick off with assembly

What does the future hold for Memorial University? What are the priorities that will guide Newfoundland and Labrador’s only university over the next number of years?

Memorial will be engaging its internal and external communities to answer these and other questions as it sets off on its latest strategic planning exercise.

“The objective of the new planning process will be to build on the success of Memorial University’s previous plans and to develop the important priorities that will guide the university in its next five years and beyond,” said Dr. Axel Meisen, Memorial’s president.

Dr. Meisen will chair the steering committee which will oversee the process. In addition a working committee has been appointed that is responsible for the day-to day activities and actions. It will be chaired by Dr. Eddy Campbell, vice-president (academic).

Through a series of university-wide assemblies, special presentations, submissions and other vehicles, the process is designed to elicit input from faculty, staff, students, alumni, community leaders and all others with an interest in the future of Memorial.

“I want this to be a thorough, consultative process with plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate for all members of the inside and outside university communities,” said Dr. Meisen. “The future direction of Memorial University affects all of us — faculty, staff and students. I invite you to take part in this important process and help shape the Memorial University of the future.”

The first special assembly is slated for Tuesday, June 14, from 2-3:30 p.m. in the lecture hall of the INCO Innovation Centre (IIC-2001).

Dr. Meisen will outline an overview of the planning process, identify some key issues and invite members of the university to pose questions and provide comments.

This is the first of several assemblies to be held. The second assembly will take place at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College later this month, with the date and time to be announced shortly.

Additional information on the assemblies and the planning process will be posted on Newsline and on a special Web page to be launched soon.

Any questions relating to the Strategic Plan or the planning process can be directed to the university’s Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning, 737-4016.


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