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Vol 37  No 14
May 19, 2005




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Opening of SeaRose Collection amazing experience: student

By Connie Boland

The energy in the room was palpable. More than 100 friends, family members, faculty and staff of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College attended the opening of The SeaRose Collection to show their support for the exhibiting artists.

The artists more than welcomed the attention.

“This is amazing,” a delighted Anna Elkins said as she walked through Humber Valley Resort’s Eagle’s Perch Clubhouse, site of the May 14-15 exhibition. “It’s wonderful to be here. This is a great opportunity and definitely a kick-off for our careers.”

Just 24 hours previous, Ms. Elkins graduated from the university with a degree in fine arts. She also accepted a Medal of Academic Excellence for her work, including her piece titled Next Door, chosen as part of The SeaRose Collection which was launched in partnership with Husky Energy.

The SeaRose Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO), currently under construction in Marystown, is scheduled to depart for the White Rose oil field, located roughly 350 miles off the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, this summer. The SeaRose Collection will hang in the accommodations module that will be home to 90 men and women for the 12-15 year production life of the field.

More than 180 pieces of art were submitted for consideration. The 22 pieces chosen reflect the diversity of the artists and the Fine Arts program, incorporating photography, painting, printmaking and drawing. In return for the art work, Husky Energy has established the Husky Energy SeaRose Travel Bursary, an annual travel grant of $2,000 for a Fine Arts student intending to study at Memorial University’s campus in Harlow, England.

The grant will be awarded over the entire 15-year production of the White Rose oil field. The first bursary winner, Sandy Hartling, was announced during the weekend. Prior to the event, Dave Sheppard and Jon Janes received Juror’s Choice Awards.

For Debra Elkins, the exhibition was an eye-opening experience.

“I was skeptical,” she admitted of her daughter’s career choice. “I wasn’t surprised that Anna chose art because she’s always shown an interest, but I didn’t know much about fine arts.

“I didn’t know what her prospects would be, but she’s certainly shown what she can do.”

Heather Lau, vessel sponsor of the SeaRose FPSO and wife of Husky Energy CEO and honorary graduate of Memorial Dr. John Lau, has long recognized that art enriches lives. Inspired by that, she envisioned a project that would provide contemporary art to the people working on the SeaRose.

Mrs. Lau chaired the selection jury that consisted of Fabian Mulroney, SeaRose FPSO marine superintendent; Barb Hunt, visual arts professor at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and project co-ordinator; Gail Tuttle, exhibition curator; and Fine Arts students Kenneth Butler and Candace Fulford.

Students Stephanie Boutilier, Amanda Brushett, Timothy Chamberlain, Brent Coffin, Joseph Cooper, Anne Downton, Kristen Doyle, Candace Fulford, Michael Gough, Jonathan Green, Lacey Haskell, Jon Janes, Jacqueline Lambert, Noriko Matsubara, John McDonald, Jillian Nicol, Linda Peckford, Christina Rees, Janet Russell, Jennifer Rideout, Yani Sheng, Jodi Simms, Suzanne Van Niekerk, Jillian Waite, Darren Whalen and Melany Yetman also had their work selected for the collection.

The collection will be available for viewing later this spring on the Husky Energy Web site at


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