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Vol 37  No 13
April 28, 2005




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Grenfell’s reporting structure under review

Three commissioners have been appointed by Memorial University President Axel Meisen to study the reporting structure of its western Newfoundland campus.

The three commissioners are Dr. George Ivany, Memorial alumnus and former president of the University of Saskatchewan; Dr. James Greenlee, a long-serving faculty member and former division head at Grenfell College; and Dr. Jack Strawbridge, a long-serving faculty member and current director of Faculty Relations at Memorial University.

“During the recent search for the new Grenfell College principal, many stakeholders indicated that the college’s reporting structure was something that needed to be studied,” Dr. Meisen said. “Sir Wilfred Grenfell College plays a pivotal role within Memorial and on the island’s west coast and we are therefore moving ahead to analyze the situation to see what approaches will be best for the college, the university and the region.

“We endeavour to include perspectives from inside and outside the university. That is one reason why we have appointed Dr. Ivany, an eminent Newfoundlander and former president of the University of Saskatchewan, to join the commission. The commissioners will decide on the process that they will follow. I am looking forward to the outcome and trust it will yield the information we need to ensure that Grenfell College will continue to grow and meet the expectations of the people of this province.”

The questions the commissioners are tasked with answering are: a) Should the present reporting structure, wherein the principal of SWGC reports to the vice-president (academic) be changed so that the principal reports to the president of Memorial University? and b) After the above question has been addressed and answered, are there benefits in making other changes in the reporting and organizational structure of SWGC and, if so, what are these changes?

Dr. Meisen said that the commissioners will consult with stakeholder representatives and review any background information they deem appropriate. The president hopes that the commissioners will reach consensus and submit a single report outlining their responses to the two questions. Dr. Meisen said that if consensus cannot be achieved, the commissioners are expected to prepare separate reports.

The commissioners will provide their draft report(s) to Grenfell College Principal John Ashton, Dr. Eddy Campbell, Memorial’s vice-president (academic), and to the university president for discussion before they are finalized. The final report(s) will be made public and considered for action by the appropriate governing bodies. Dr. Meisen expects the commissioners will complete their work by June of this year.

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