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Vol 37  No 13
April 28, 2005




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In Brief

Library of the Future

The Senate Committee on the University Library (SACL) recently sponsored a consultation with a number of users of the Queen Elizabeth II Library in order to understand their needs for a system in transition. The responses form the basis of a report, titled The Library of the Future, which is available at SACL requests comments on this report from all members of the university community. Responses may be made in writing through the Office of the Secretary of Senate or electronically through a “Quick Poll” linked to the above address.

A fuller version of this request is being sent to members of the Memorial community who have a regular mailing address at the university. Responses are requested by May 15. SACL will then compile a final report that should inform the library’s priorities, the university’s budget and the next round of Memorial’s strategic planning.

Imagine the possibilities

Memorial students are taking part in a worldwide technology competition sponsored by Microsoft. The Imagine Cup, which recognizes student achievement in technology and art, is encouraging high school and university students to imagine a world where technology dissolves the boundaries between people; physical, metaphorical, emotional and intellectual boundaries uniting in a more open-minded world.

The contest began in November and runs until May 15.

There are 18 Microsoft student ambassadors in Canada. At Memorial, the student ambassador is Jonathon Siu, a fourth-year student at MUN in his first year of computer science.

More than 10,000 students from 90 countries took part in The Imagine Cup 2004. Microsoft expects approximately 50,000 students to compete in 2005. There are nearly 1,000 Canadian students participating in this year’s Imagine Cup, including 16 MUN students, together with Mr. Siu. The top 10 in each category will be flown to Yokahoma, Japan, at the end of July with their expenses paid for by Microsoft.

Recognizing the best in athletics

The School of Human Kinetics and Recreation held its annual presentation of awards earlier this month and honoured some of its finest student-athletes. Five of Memorial’s graduating players were inducted into the Athletic Honour Society, which recognizes graduating student-athletes that have made an outstanding contribution to the athletic program at Memorial University. This year’s inductees were soccer players Meghan Russell and Karen Eason and basketball players Jeff Saxby, Amy Dalton and Jenine Browne.

The Edward P. Browne Trophy, presented to the outstanding male and female inter-university basketball players, went to Amy Dalton and Justin Halleran.

The Graham Snow Memorial Award, for the combination of athletics prowess and high academic achievement, went to Jessica Wade of women’s soccer.

The Harold Squires Scholarship, also for the combination of achievement in athletics and academics, went to Leslie Stewart women’s basketball.

The Jubilee Cup for distance running went to Grant Hardigan. The John Drinkwater Memorial Award for varsity swimming went to George Colbert. Wrestler of the Year was Kerri Ann Evely who had Memorial’s best finish ever at the CIS championships where she won a bronze medal. Soccer MVP awards were given to Clint Edwards and Laura Breen.

Harris Centre director represents

Dr. Rob Greenwood, director of the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, was an invited presenter at a Rural Development Workshop held under the auspices of the Tri-National Agricultural Accord, April 14, in Sacramento, California. One presenter was invited from each of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada to provide an overview and insights on the approaches to rural development by states and provinces in each country. Attendees included ministers and senior officials from eight Canadian provinces, 27 US states and several Mexican states.

Dr. Greenwood, who is also president of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, provided an overview of how rural development approaches are organized across Canada, what strategies are pursued and what some of the emerging trends are in rural development. He noted that strategies must be tailored to the specific conditions of varying rural contexts. One of the greatest challenges is for provincial and state governments to learn to share power and decision making with regional stakeholders, he added.

A copy of Dr. Greenwood’s presentation is available on the Harris Centre Web site at


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