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March 31, 2005
 News & Notes


News & Notes

For more information about the items below, or to request application materials, contact Elizabeth Noseworthy at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

Animal care approval requirements
Researchers should note that in addition to the use of live animals, any proposed use of animal tissues in research requires review and approval by the Institutional Animal Care Committee (IACC) in advance of the carrying out of the research. Adding personnel to an IACC approved project also requires approval by the IACC. Approval for adding personnel may be obtained by submitting an amendment form (available at The information provided on the form should identify the new personnel, including their status (faculty, staff, PDF, graduate student, or undergraduate student) as well as their training and experience with animals in research and level of supervision if appropriate. If you have further questions contact the chair of the IACC, Dr. Robert Adamec, at 737-7671.

New CIHR peer review committee
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research has announced the creation of a new operating grants peer review committee in the area of palliative and end of life care. Members of this committee will be recruited in April 2005 and will review operating grants submitted for the Sept. 15, 2005 competition. CIHR invites members of the research community, research institutions, and other stakeholders with an interest in palliative and end of life care to suggest names of those who could serve on the new committee. For more information, see

Brockhouse Canada Prize
NSERC is inviting nominations for the Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering. It will be awarded to an outstanding team of Canadian researchers who have produced achievements of international significance in the natural sciences and engineering in the last six years. The winning team will receive a $250,000 research grant as well as individual medals and certificates. Information on the nominations process and selection criteria is available at
. The deadline for nominations is
April 15.

Paul Morley Mentorship Award
The Canadian Stroke Network has created the Paul Morley Mentorship Award in Stroke to recognize the efforts of clinical and basic researchers who have made significant contributions to the training of new stroke researchers in Canada. The award has a value of $25,000 of which half will go directly to the awardee and the other half will support the awardee’s training activities/programs. Details on nomination requirements are available from the Office of Research or from the Canadian Stroke Network. The deadline for nominations is April 15.

CIHR communication awards
CIHR, through its program of Health Research Communication Awards, is offering $21,000 to $26,000 per year for up to two years to individuals who have completed one or more degrees related to human health and who have applied or have been accepted into a full-time journalism or communications degree program. Full program details, eligibility criteria, and program timelines are available at The deadline for application is May 1.

CIHR-NSERC health research projects
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council invite the submission of letters of intent under the Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) Program. This program seeks to fund initiatives that advance interdisciplinary research leading to knowledge and technologies useful for improving the health of Canadians; train highly qualified personnel in collaborative and interdisciplinary research of relevance to health; and translate the research results to end users/stakeholders (the mechanism for translation must be clearly defined). For further information, see Letters of intent must be submitted using NSERC Form 182. The deadline for submission is May 2.

RFA on eHealth
Health Canada has allocated funding to support up to six research projects with a maximum budget in each case not to exceed $300,000 over a two-year period. Applications are invited for primary research projects on “Innovation in the Health System: eHealth.” Research themes covered by this RFA include barriers to the adoption, implementation and sustainability of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in the health system; outcomes of eHealth implementation; and governance issues. The detailed RFA is available at: The deadline for applications is May 4.

Killam Research Fellowships
Killam Research Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis to support researchers in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences or engineering. They are intended for established scholars (typically at the rank of full professor) who have demonstrated outstanding research ability and who have published the results of their research through substantial publications in their field. The fellowships provide release time and are valued at $70,000 per year. Applications must be submitted using the Canada Council’s online internet application system. To gain access to the application site, applicants must send an e-mail request to the Killam Office at for a user name and password. For further information, visit The deadline for applications is May 16.

Steacie Fellowships
NSERC is inviting nominations of outstanding scientists and engineers who have obtained their doctorate within the last 12 years and who hold a grant from NSERC for a 2006 Steacie Fellowship. These fellowships are awarded for a two-year period and consist of $90,000 per year towards the fellow’s salary, the replacement of teaching and administrative responsibilities, or the enhancement of the research environment of the fellow’s department. In addition to being invited to request supplementary research support from NSERC during the tenure of the award, Steacie Fellows will also be eligible to apply to the Canada Foundation for Innovation for infrastructure support. For further details, visit The deadline for nominations is July 4.

Imminent deadlines

May 16
Canada Council for the Arts - Killam research fellowships.
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada - innovation challenge awards (nomination).

May 20
Cancer Research Society, Inc. (CRS) - strategic research grants program (full application).

May 31
Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America, The Canada-United States Fulbright Program - Fulbright-OAS ecology initiative.

Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council/The Conference Board of Canada - synergy awards.

June 1
Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Institute of Health Services and Policy Research/Institute for Aboriginal Peoples= Health (IAPH)/Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH)/Knowledge Transition Branch - Scoping reviews and research syntheses (Request for Applications - full applications)

Canadian Institute of Health Research/Institute of Genetics - grants for short-term research visits (full proposals).

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (US) - clinical research grants (letter of intent).

Memorial University, Office of Research - salary-based research grants program (re-designation of salary).

National Institutes of Health (US) - new research grants.

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Inc. - conference grants program; international collaborative research grants.

June 9
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation - Lindbergh grants program.