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March 10, 2005
 In Brief


In Brief

Nominations are being sought for the six alumni positions on Memorial’s Board of Regents. The three-year term of office for the current elected alumni regents expires Aug. 31, 2005. Nominations close April 29, 2005, with the election beginning in June and running to Aug. 12, 2005.

The nomination can be a single sheet of paper and must include the signatures of the nominator, the three seconders and the candidate. The nomination should also include a 50-word biography of the candidate plus her or his contact information. Candidates are encouraged to include a brief statement about why she or he wishes to serve as a member of the Board of Regents. The bios plus a photo will be included in the spring/summer 2005 issue of Luminus magazine along with a paper mail-in ballot. The bios will also be posted on the alumni Web site with an electronic ballot so members can vote online. Successfully elected alumni will be notified in the week following the close of elections.

Candidates, their nominators and their seconders must be alumni of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Those alumni who hold a salaried position as a member of the faculty or staff at Memorial are not eligible to stand as a candidate, nor are those who hold student status at the undergraduate or graduate level. However, alumni in these positions may nominate and or second the nomination of eligible candidates.

Nomination envelopes should be clearly marked “Nomination for the Alumni Representative for the Board of Regents Memorial University of Newfoundland.” Submit your nomination to Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, 20 Lambe’s Lane, St. John’s campus, Memorial University, or call 709-737-4354.

The votes are in and this year’s MUN Student’s Union president is Cletus Flaherty, current vice-president academic. He beat out VP internal Terry McDonald by 235 votes with a total of 1,360. Voter turn-out for this year almost tripled last year’s numbers.
The new VP academic is council newcomer Katherine Giroux-Bougard with a total of 1,514 votes. Coming in with a total of 1,494 was the new VP external, Craig Green. Roger Drinkall was voted VP Internal with a total of 1,515 votes, beating Karen Parsons by a slim margin of 92 votes. Michael Lovell beat Sumang Purohit for VP Finance by 817 votes to close at 1,917 votes.
For full details on the votes, see

The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research (NLCAHR) has a new Applied Health Research Support Program that offers a semi-structured support program for new and junior applied health researchers.

Dr. Stephen Bornstein, director of the NLCAHR, said this support program provides opportunities for new applied health researchers to benefit from the expertise of experienced and funded researchers. “It helps researchers build proposal-writing skills and can help improve the quality of new and previously declined funding applications.”

Eligible participants include new applied health researchers at Memorial University who have been here for less than two years, applied health researchers who have submitted proposals for funding to national granting councils but who have not been successful, and experienced researchers who are beginning to work in the field of applied health research.

Dr. Bornstein said the support program offers a number of components to help build research and proposal writing skills, including research advising and mentorship, proposal pre-review, research roundtable luncheons and grantsmanship training activities.

To participate in this program, contact the NLCAHR at 777-6993 or visit the Web site at

The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) recognized six of its finest members March 23 during the GSU’s annual Awards Night. These awards were organized by graduate students for graduate students. This was the first year that GSU awards carried monetary value ($250 for each recipient, courtesy of the GSU). This was also the inaugural year of the GSU Award for Excellence in Teaching, which was created to recognize Memorial’s finest graduate student teachers.

The GSU Award for Excellence in Community Service went to Tracy Glynn, Environmental Science, and Aaron Kennedy, Medicine. The GSU Award for Excellence in Research went to Chandrika Liyanapathirana, Biology, and Jason Treberg, Biology. The GSU Award for Excellence in Teaching went to Rhonda Chaytor, Computer Science, and Holly Everett, Folklore. For more on the winners, see Click on each recipient’s name to see the GSU’s written summary of their accomplishments.